Conversion from PDF to Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint or any other format requires a lot of time. However, when you need to convert the document into another form, you will need the best free pdf converter. Whenever we think of pdf converters, the thought that came into our mind is first to pay then use but not anymore. The top 5 pdf converters that are free and convenient in use discussed below.


2pdf converter is an online tool that provides you the online conversion of Microsoft Word, PPT, and Excel files into pdf format. It also provides the conversion of images of JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP format into pdf format. It gives an OCR feature that allows you to handle scan documents by extracting the content into an editable form. 2pdf converter is software that provides quick and secure processing at high speed. In addition to conversion, there is a multitudinous range of tools for further editing like

  • Merge tool is to integrate documents of pdf format.
  • The split tool can extract pages from a pdf document.
  • Rotate tool which turns the pages.
  • Protect feature is to add password encryption.
  • The supreme feature is eSign, which allows the user to add digital signatures into a pdf document.


A soda pdf converter is a tool that provides an online service and a downloadable desktop program to modify PDFs as per your requirements. Whether you require to edit, create, or diversify your document. Download the soda pdf converter to transform any file into pdf format. If you convert a file into pdf, it does not mean that you can not save it back to its original form. Soda pdf converter provides you with the tools and solutions as per your desire to make the most out of it.

Try this converter to convert traditional document formats like Word, Excell, PPT, RFT, HTML, TXT, JPEG, and 300+ formats for custom creation. Use soda pdf online or download the desktop application for offline conversion.


Adobe Acrobat PDF converter converts your PDF file into a Word document. If you want to save your PDF file into a Word document, the Adobe Acrobat PDF converter is the best fit for you. It also allows you to start a new project as well. It can be used offline by downloading a desktop program or using it on a mobile phone. Adobe Acrobat PDF converter gives the facility of choosing the required selection of text instead of the whole document for conversion. The best feature of the Adobe Acrobat PDF converter is the conversion of scanned images. Adobe Acrobat PDF converter allows the conversion without disturbing the formatting of a document, including tables, fonts, bullets, etc.


PDF architect converter is an ideal alternative to other complicated pdf applications. Also, pdf is the most convenient file format, but it is sometimes necessary to convert pdf documents into different formats. Without any loss of information, a PDF architect converter is best for this work. Its optical character recognition (OCR) feature makes a pdf architect converter the complete solution. It provides plenty of features for essential modification. Pdf architect converter has all simple tools like reading, merge, and rotation of pages. But advanced features are behind several paywalls, though. You only have to pay for the tools you need. Its advanced features include pdf conversion into excel, word, ppt, or other file types, including the conversion of scan images and editing the document directly.


Working with pdf has never been this easy before. PDFMate Pro is an exceptionally user-friendly and comprehensive online pdf converting tool. It provides the most common conversions of

  • Ms Word(.doc, .docs)
  • Ms Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • HTML view in browser
  • Text (.txt)
  • Images (.png/ .jpeg/ .gif/ .tif)

Advanced OCR technology converts the images-based files into an editable Microsoft document. Its key feature, which saves the user’s time, is efficiency-priority recognition mode. It also acts as a pdf merger and splitter. PDFMate Pro supports batch processing, which means it supports multiple inputs and outputs simultaneously. To provide high-security assurance, PDFMate Pro enables the password encryption feature to protect your content. It supports multi-languages too so that you can also convert your document into other languages if you need it.

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