Top Film News in February 2022


If you’re someone thrilled by the movie world, then you have already watched hundreds of trailers since the start of 2022. Up to now, you might be aware of the usual suspects that’ll flood the screen before the year ends, and you can’t wait to have a taste of what they’ve prepared for you. As far as new films are concerned, we want to focus on February 2022. Here are the latest news trends in the film industry.

Jackass Forever

Eleven years is not a short time, but we’re glad the crew is back to give us more of their entertainment in February. Jackass forever is a series directed by Jeff Tremaine and might be the last chapter of the entire project. It brings back the original performers, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, Danger Ehren, Wee Man, and Dave England. So you should be ready for good laughs, stunts, and mayhem. Munching popcorn and sipping on your favorite beverage, you can enjoy these grownups exploring their young selves as they interact with canons bears and receive slaps from giant hands.

Mothering Sunday

We understand that this list would be nothing without mentioning Mothering Sunday as great film news this February. It entails amazing souls both in front and behind the camera. Mothering Sunday is based on a novel by Graham Smith and adapted by screenwriter Alice Birch. The film takes place right after World War I and appreciates mothers and churches in Christianity. The story is about Jane Fairchild, an amateur writer serving as a maid in the house of a wealthy family. Jane plans to meet up with Paul Sheringham, played by Josh O’Connor, with whom she is in love.


This one is going to be great. If you haven’t, take your controller and get ready for enough popcorn. Uncharted is one of the most successful video games in history, and guess what? It’s set to hit the big screen this February. This movie is based on the story of Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland, who is a self-taught historian. You’ll meet some of your best Hollywood actors as you watch something relatable, thereby very entertaining. The movie explores how the historian meets Sully, a fortune hunter who later becomes his father figure and mentor. Would you like to know the rest? Don’t miss out on this movie once it’s unleashed.


This movie is about a man and his dog in the US and is one of the movies that continue to create headlines in film history. The Army Ranger dog owner is in a funk and trying to get his body and mind back. To attain that, he must strive to earn his respect back from his peers. Thus, he was tasked with driving a dog from Washington to Arizona. There is a lot to learn from this modernly entertaining movie. You’ll be glad to learn that the man is somehow able to accomplish his mission, but there’s more to know.

Marry Me

Some things look and feel better together, just like Scooby-doo and shaggy, peanut and butter, etc. It’s all about finding something or someone you’re compatible with and making a perfect bond. Marry Me is another huge February news that you can’t afford to miss out on. The movie gives us the picture of the love story between Bastain and Kat, who’re tying the note before millions of fans, but something nasty happens just before they say, “I do.” Would you like to find out what it’s? It’s more like a reality show, so you should expect something relatable once it’s out.

Big Gold Brick

February wouldn’t be complete without some comedy, which is why we want to tell you about Big Gold Brick, also known as the cerebral comedy. The movie is about the adventure of Samuel Linton, who slightly survives getting hit by a vehicle. Floyd was driving the car, and a middle-aged father married one of the best attorneys, Jacqueline. Floyd later learns that Samuel is a great writer, so he asks him to live with his family and write his biography. While Samuel reluctantly accepts the request, he is not aware of the madness and agony that awaits. If you’re someone who loves twists and fans, then Big Gold Brick is worth the wait.


Due to the pandemic, the film industry was reluctant to produce some of the best projects. But since things have eventually gotten back to normal, it’s time to fall in love with the big screen one more time. The movies in this list have already created a buzz. Thus, it would be great if you watched all of them, at least in February, and understood where the world is heading. You’ll catch romance, adventure, thriller, real-life stories, and the list goes on. 




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