Top 5 Reasons to Use Time Tracking Tools Like WebWork


What is time tracking?

Time tracking is now an inextricable part of many companies’ management process. It especially became common with the rise of the pandemic. As many companies started working from home, the management was worried about keeping up the same performance level. That’s why they needed a way to make sure that employees worked the required hours at home.

Time tracking is the perfect way of ensuring that work is done properly and time is spent wisely.

In fact, it has always been around in different forms. However, it was quite recently that time-tracking tools became prevalent.

While there are other ways of tracking time, like sheets, time trackers like WebWork simplify and accelerate the process tenfold.

Top 5 reasons to use time tracking tools

In this article, we will go through the top 5 reasons for using time trackers.

1.   Efficient time management

Time management is one of the biggest prerequisites for success. Whether you are working as a freelancer or managing a company, knowing how to manage time properly should be a priority.

Using a time tracker will help you take control of your time. You will know how much time each activity takes, will have an estimate of how much others will take, and can see all of that in detailed statistics.

As a result, you will spend your time mindfully, will meet deadlines, and will have free time.

The same refers to company time as well. As it is much harder to manage the time of tens and hundreds of people, time trackers help do that automatically. You do not have to monitor the time of each employee manually, as time trackers do it all for you. The information that they provide about the time-spending practices of your employees can eventually help you save tons of company time.

2.   Profitability

Profitability- the good ol’ drive of any business. Time trackers help with that too. Whatever field you are working in, time tracking can be an immense aid for making a profit.

When you manage your or your company’s time optimally, you spend it solely on your purpose. When you spend it on your purpose, you are more likely to reach it. No wonder why the idiom goes “Time is money”. And I would say time spent rationally and for the purpose is even more money.

With the help of time trackers, you are aware of how much time is spent on each activity and how much that activity costs you. As a result, you are more certain about how to distribute finances.

3.   Productivity

Just like the previous point, improved productivity is another reason for tracking your time. When you have an organized routine and time management, you are more likely to be productive.

Time trackers are equipped not only with time tracking but also task management and productivity monitoring functionalities. These are meant to track your work process and give you a detailed analysis of your productivity. As a result, you see what exactly hinders your work process or what you need to work on more.

Later in the article, we will see how WebWork Time Tracker deals with productivity.

4.   Accurate Payment

The main aim of time trackers is to measure the number of worked hours. It is especially important in the case of paying employees hourly.

Instead of counting worked hours manually, you simply need to give the instructions to a time tracker and it will do the rest for you. By instructions, I mean the hourly rate.

Then, time trackers give you detailed reports with the number of worked hours and earned amount. Some even allow you to make the payment right through them without needing to use another tool.

As a result, you will use company resources rationally and even save finances.

If you are a freelancer using a time tracker, you can also create an invoice right inside the tracker and send it to your client.

5.   Transparent work process

When time trackers give you data on time use, they create transparency. Other than time, some even track attendance, usage of apps, websites, and more.

These features are especially useful in the case of remote work. If you are managing a remote team, you need to be aware of the work process as clearly as you would in the office. Time trackers make this process a breeze. They track the time and work process and provide reports with detailed information.

As a result, you do not have to worry about work being done properly and time being spent wisely. You see the work process right in front of you with statistics and graphs.

Why WebWork Time Tracker?

If you have made up your mind to start tracking time, you may be wondering what tool to choose, considering the many options available.

I’ll save you the struggle and suggest you use WebWork Time Tracker.

WebWork is a time-tracking, remote employee-monitoring, and task-management platform. It has all the features you’ll need to track time, save time, and improve productivity.

As a time tracker, it has features for attendance tracking, app and website usage, screenshot modes, and productivity monitoring.

As a task management tool, it has a task and project manager where you can assign tasks and track their progress.

One more thing that makes WebWork stand out is the affordable price for the value it provides.

The Basic plan costs $4.99 per user/month for all the features.

Why don’t you try WebWork for free and experience it yourself?




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