Top 3 Mobile Game Development Technologies For 2020


The mobile games market is an ever-growing industry. As more and more gamers go mobile, the demand for quality gaming software increases exponentially.

Let’s discover 3 mobile development technologies you should use to create your revolutionary games in 2020.

1. Unity

Unity is a cross-platform mobile game development engine. This product of Unity Technologies enables you to create outstanding 2D and 3D games with convenient features and built-in tools. Unity offers asset import functionality. This means you can import game assets from a broad range of graphics editing technologies, such as Blender and Maya.

Another Unity edge is its enormous community. This game development technology gathers countless developers around the globe to share the best practices and insights into high-quality game development approaches. There are so many Unity-based games on the market, that you’ve probably played one or two of them. If you’ve ever tried Pokemon Go or Angry Birds, those run on the Unity engine.

Unity allows you to build fascinating games for multiple mobile platforms. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Windows Phone;
  • Fire OS;
  • Tizen OS.

As far as pricing is concerned, Unity exposes a free license for personal use. It also offers an enterprise solution and several paid plans for advanced game development.

2. Corona SDK

Corona SDK is a free framework for cross-platform game development. Here are Corona SDK features that make it a competitive option for building your gaming software:

  • Lua scripting language. Corona SDK implements Lua-script technology. It’s a powerful and easy-to-learn language that makes your game development an intuitive and straightforward task;
  • Gigantic community. It is always nice to have like-minded people ready to assist you. Corona SDK can boast of a loyal and mature community, so you can hardly stumble upon an issue that you won’t find a community solution for;
  • Time-tested and comprehensive ecosystem. Corona SDK has over 1000 built-in APIs you can use to create your game animations, audio, physics, and other game components;
  • Real-time solution simulation. Corona Simulator is software for testing and debugging your game. The tool responds to your codebase changes instantly, meaning you can adjust your game in real-time;
  • Plugin-compatible core. Corona SDK integrates with hundreds of plugins. From in-app ad managers to analytics tools – everything is available with a plugin-compatible core of Corona SDK.

Specialists from mobile development company Gravum believe that Corona SDK is an excellent game development engine for ones seeking scalable functionality and free development solution.

3. Cocos2D-X

Cocos2D-X is an open-source game development framework. It is a cross-platform solution supporting both 2D and 3D gaming technologies. It is a powerful ecosystem that offers rich functionality. Here are the most prominent features of Cocos2D-X you can use for your games:

  • Advanced graphics rendering;
  • Realistic physics presets;
  • Audio effects;
  • User input;

Cocos2D-X supports multiple software development languages. JavaScript, Lua, and C++ are among the available options. Whether you need to deploy your gaming apps to Windows, Mac, HTML5 canvas, Android, or iOS, Cocos2D-X has native support for each of these platforms.

The framework has exhaustive documentation, API reference, live demos, and a GitHub branch you can contribute to. Cocos2D-X is a game development technology from developers to developers.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are targeting iOS, Android, or any other mobile platform, select from these 3 game development ecosystems to get the most of what the industry has to offer.

Remember: the mobile gaming industry will always continue to bring new users and – therefore – will always need fresh and unique games to meet market demand. Stay creative and believe in your idea. The rest is just a matter of time and effort.




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