Tips to Take Care for Your Sensitive Areas

The human body can withstand a lot of impacts, but some parts are better at it than others. Some parts of the body like the pubic areas, are very sensitive and require utmost care. Given the sensitive nature of these areas, the kind of care to be rendered is not just in shaving, but in moisturizing, cleaning and covering. Other than achieving a clean cut on your sensitive areas, there is more you can do to take care of this sensitive part of your body. Here are several tips to get you started:

Keep It Clean

Keeping clean may sound to you like common sense, but it is not that obvious for everyone. Keeping your pubic area clean is paramount to leading a healthy lifestyle. Technically, there are several factors to consider when cleaning the pubic area, more especially for women. The idea is to maintain a balance in pH levels, without killing the good bacteria that help get the job done. This means that your cleaning cannot involve harsh soaps and detergents, or even involve perfumes. You want to try as much as possible to avoid the use of products like deodorant, talcum powder, shampoo, or fragranced wipes. The best you can do is take a warm bath and use pubic washes to get rid of excess oils, sweat, and dirt.

Pro tip: your pubic area should not be smelling out of the usual healthy smell. If cleaning does not get rid of the odor, visit a gynecologist to find out what could be wrong with your health.

Invest in a good-quality trimmer

A good pubic hair trimmer will go a long way in keeping your sensitive area at ease. Every time you shave, the last thing you want is to nurse razor burns and irritant skin for a couple of days. With a high-quality trimmer, you will be gentle to your pubic area skin and achieve a clean shave in the end.

Wipe thoroughly after using the toilet

Tissue papers are found in bathrooms for one reason alone – to wipe off after using the toilet. The idea is to help maintain a clean pubic area, without creating a conducive environment for harmful bacteria to grow.

Pro tip: for women, make sure you wipe front to back, to prevent spreading dirt to the front area that is the most sensitive of all parts.

Eat healthily

A healthy eating lifestyle is not just great for your body. A well-balanced diet can help balance the pH levels of your sensitive area. Besides, Greek yogurt and Cranberry juice are known to help in treating yeast infections in women. You also want to drink a lot of water to help with the circulation of blood, even to this area, while countering dryness to stimulate lubrication naturally. Further, a proper intake of water will help get rid of harmful wastes in the body.

Dress well

When clothes are too tight, your sensitive areas are poorly treated. Usually, the tightness of clothing prevents breathability and aeration. In the end, a lot of sweat is trapped in these areas, and the raised moisture levels are not great for sensitive areas.

Trim your pubic hair

Regardless of the shaving method you use to get rid of your pubic hair – whether waxing, shaving, or laser method – be sure you do not keep a bushy pubic area.

Pro tip: Avoid using chemical depilatories for getting rid of pubic hairs

Wear clean underwear

Every day is a new day for choosing different underwear. Make sure it is not only clean but also dry before you wear it.

Pro tip: You can truly never go wrong with cotton underwear to help you stay clean and dry all day long.

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