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Having a website in 2022 is essential to your success. Around 75% of people judge a company based on their website. It means 1 in 4 people will access your website and formulate opinions depending on your web design, content, loading speed, and layout. That’s one big number, and if your website lacks somewhere, it may cost you your sales.

Significance of having a website

Often business people think they can manage without a website, or a one-page website is sufficient for their company. Well, this is where they go wrong! Consumers want to know all about you and your company to formulate opinions.

Understand it like this, suppose a person has taken a New Year’s resolution to join gym from the next day. They will search online and narrow down two names. One site has no pictures and zero customer experience. In contrast, the other website has a good design, detailed information and pictures of before and after results and loads of reviews of customers. Which gym will that person select?

Hence, here are some website design tips for small business from the experts:

Website design, content, and layout

They prove the website’s legitimacy in front of the prospects, especially when they can’t see your physical store. Your website works as your store. As per a survey, 57% of the website visitors never recommend a site if it doesn’t have good content or is improperly designed.

Some tips to help with your website design are:

Never over-design

 You may want your website to look great with a good flow. However, sometimes small businesses get over on their designs. Over-designing may distract your visitors. Hence, make sure you keep your design clear and precise. Overdosing means adding more pictures and codes that can impact your website’s loading speed.

Loading speed is important

Around 50% of the visitors leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Hence, always keep your loading speed higher. With mobile searches getting more prevalent, you should speed your website’s loading.

Using good quality hosting: Choose a reputable hosting company with reliable servers.

Images: Compress the images without compromising the quality.

Reducing plugins: Plugins are good because they boost the functionality of your website. However, you should only choose selective plugins to prevent overloading.

Make your website design mobile-friendly

Nowadays, customers do more searches via their smartphones compared to desktops. 8 in 10 customers will leave your website if the content is not displayed appropriately on their mobile.

Hence, it is suggested to develop a responsive website design that adjusts to the device’s screen size. The website should be equally responsive on the desktop and mobile.

Choose high-quality SEO

To make your business rank higher to seek the attention of your targeted customers, you should work on your SEO. Choose an SEO expert in San Diego CA, to get the best results for your website. With efficient content, the right SEO strategy, and a great web design, your small business will show exponential results in no time.




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