Tips for a Healthy Spine

Back pain is very common among adults nowadays. It’s the disease of the modern age. Due to our sedentary lifestyle that is imposed on us by the industry, we are lacking physical activity and good posture. Clearly, when you have to sit in front of a computer and work, you can’t sit up straight for eight hours a day. It’s difficult and even practically impossible. Of course, we can’t deny facts and there are things we cannot change. If you need to sit at your workplace all the time, you’ll just have to do so. However, when you get home, it is up to you to decide how to spend your time. This is where you can introduce changes. We’re here to give you a few hints.

Sleep well

Sleeping well is very important for our health. Unfortunately, most of us take the benefits of a good night’s sleep for granted and we tend to ignore the pain and discomfort caused by an inadequate bed. This has got to change. If the quality of your sleep isn’t good, it’s probably because your bed or your mattress is inadequate. This is why you need to invest time and money into the search for the perfect bed. The best mattress should be firm enough to keep your spine straight, but soft enough to let you sleep comfortably. Of course, the tastes differ and you need to check a few of them out in order to see what works best for you. Once you do it, you’ll see how the quality of your life increases.

Have surgery

If it happens that your back pain continues to exist even after changing your bed, it may be that you’re having disc issues, scoliosis or any other condition that requires more invasive solutions. If this happens to be the case, you need to take it very seriously and find a professional such as the amazing Dr Timothy Steel whose awards and actions speak for themselves. Once you’re incapable and safe hands, you can rest assured that your back pain will decrease and you’ll have a healthier spine. After that, you’ll just need to focus on your recovery and some physical therapy if prescribed.

Improve posture

Despite the fact that we’re often aware of our bad posture, we don’t know it all the time. It just strikes us at some point that we’ve been sitting improperly for a while. It usually happens when we start feeling pain or discomfort due to improper posture. In order to regulate this, there are special vests you can wear while sitting down that will force you to sit properly. If you don’t want the vest, you can grab a rolling pin when you’re at home and put it under your armpits on the back. It will keep you standing and sitting straight. You don’t have to do it for long as it’s highly uncomfortable, but it does the trick so if you can do it an hour or two a day, it’s much better than nothing.

Go swimming

The best possible activity for your posture and your spine is swimming. It’s a sport that keeps your back straight at all times. The water itself massages our body and swimming is the best exercise your spine can have. So, if you’re not a frequent swimmer, join the local pool and create a habit out of going there. It can be several times a week or even every morning before work. There are shifts that start at 6 am which is great for working people who can start their day with some quality physical activity. Instead of sipping your morning coffee for half an hour, you can spend that time swimming. You’ll find the effect to be better than coffee in addition to healing your back.

Basically, our spine has to suffer up to a point, but we have the power to ease the pain and repair some of the damage caused by the modern age. So, next time you want to sit in front of your computer after work to “relax and unwind” think of your spine and decide to go swimming, walking or any kind of exercise or outdoor activity. Anything is better than sitting down to rest, even taking a nap in your new comfortable bed.

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