Things to know before you move to Europe

If you are flexible enough to change your mindset and truly embrace the experience, then stepping out of your comfort zone, be it the next country or the next continent, can and will change your life. It will make you richer. It will open you up to things, people, influences, and ideas that you would never have discovered before.

However (there is always a but) going abroad is not a magic pill for boredom and inexperience. Never move abroad and suddenly become that exotic and banal creature: you must be open and ready to change. There are many things to make sure you are ready to make, change or give up before booking your ticket.

People usually move to a new place without considering all of the important factors. There are a lot of things that will change when you move to a new place. You should make sure that you are ready to give up on things that you love or attached to. Life in other countries might not be the same as in your country.

People who move to Europe from America mostly face a lot of issues because of cultural and societal differences. You should keep in mind the following points to make sure that you make the best decision:

  1. Before considering moving to another country, you should first be absolutely sure that you feel comfortable being completely alone. Before jumping, try the waters on a solo trip to another country.
  1. Learn a new language, change the habits of your city, try new things and avoid comparing everything (or all) with “your home”.
  1. They will forever have a distinctive place in their life, but living on your computer with your roommate on the other end is not living.
  1. Get ready to create a completely new social network and support system with a completely new group of local friends, none of whom will be with whom you attended high school/university or with whom you had your first job.
  1. You will have to work with problems to obtain permits, apartments, work visas and even a bus ticket for traffic, all in another language. Above all, you will need to familiarize yourself with local customs … that is, you will need to learn the “official” and “real” ways of getting what you need and understanding where the border stretches.
  1. Like it or not, people will look down on you and make fun of you when you try to speak the local language, or just because you are different. You have to go with that.
  1. Prepare to miss out on amenities like unlimited ice cream, a car, or central air conditioning. You don’t know what you will lose until it is there, but there will be something.

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