The Top Choice When It Comes To Rapid Prototype Machining


We have all experienced the stress and sweat of trying to meet deadlines with not enough time, the anxiety levels are through the roof and you seem to find no light at the end of the tunnel.

Panic begins to set in, the pacing back and forth commences, and the coffee machine can’t make caffeine quick enough, so what do you do?

Firstly you need to go outside and get some fresh air and to collect your sanity from where it’s been flung in all directions, and then you need to calmly and collectively call in the professionals for their much-needed help.

Who to call.

Believe it or not but some companies specialize in getting things done in what some like to call ‘lightning speed,’ and thrive on the thrill of delivering what they said they could and seeing the satisfaction on their customers’ faces.

That, and the huge sigh of relief as they feel the weight they’ve been carrying dissipate.

The only tricky decision in this process is knowing who to call and having their number imprinted in your phone directory for the next emergency, and with Mother Nature still in the mix we know she likes to throw us a curveball now and then to shake things up.

Then there are those of us who might be on the verge of launching a new and exciting product, the issue is the unveiling date has been moved up and you need the model prototype as in last week. This is where only the best in the business will suffice.

Thankfully, the prototype machine shops with specialized engineers, designers, and computer geniuses are ready and willing to lend a hand. They have the equipment and knowledge in executing your vision with precision, care, and most importantly quality of workmanship.

So it is safe to say that all won’t be lost at the end of the day, and with businesses like these on your side, you have nothing to lose.

Understanding what a prototype is.

Essentially it is the first physical product of an idea. The ‘sample’ as you would have it where all the testing and tweaking is implemented to ensure the mechanisms work as efficiently as possible, that it says what you envision it to, and any issues can be altered or replaced with new methods.

There is rarely a perfect prototype, it is one thing to see the product as a design and drawing compared to holding it in your hands or seeing it in front of your eyes. The ratios and proportions may not fit as you expect, the overall aesthetic is not as pleasing (and we know people inevitably shop with their eyes), or something isn’t quite right.

Having a ‘rough draft’ to begin with makes the process of perfecting the model before it goes to production that much easier, will save you time and energy but most importantly financially by not having to remake thousands of faulty parts or devices.

Speed is literally of the essence when we have our boss breathing down our necks to meet quotas or partners and sponsors of a new product are tapping their feet on the floor and standing with crossed arms staring at you for answers.

This is why when choosing a company to step in and help cross the finish line you need to make sure they are the right fit, deliver what they promise and have the experience needed to provide the necessary services. Let’s take a look at the foundation of features we need to consider when hiring in a ‘prototype producing’ machine company.

4 Factors to consider for a machining company.

  • You may think this is a no-brainer because the product and idea are yours, but when suggestions and advice begin to flow from their design teams it is easy to get lost in the jargon and swept up in the grand scheme of things. Know what you want, have it written down, and take on board tips, this way you still hold the reigns.
  • As mentioned before a firm that has been in business for several years shows us they have loyal and return customers and that they have likely seen and dealt with it all in the industry. This not only gives us confidence in their abilities but that peace of mind in knowing we are in safe and capable hands.

Naturally, like with all things the list of boxes to tick can be extensive and overwhelming, why not take a minute in your lunch break to read this quick article here for a few pointers on the topic, it may just have the answers you have been looking for all along.

  • The dreaded word for anyone starting a business or brand is your dream going to cost an arm and a leg or are you financially stable to take the risk while the novelty wears off and revenue increases. Compare quotes if need be and make a calculated decision based on numbers.
  • The last, yet far from the least important, point is keeping things under wraps. Ensure both parties sign on the dotted line on an agreement stating the idea and product cannot be duplicated or bought out and that you have their word on customer care confidentiality. This is usually drawn up by lawyers but rather safe than sorry as the old saying goes.

And finally.

There is always someone or a specialized company that can help turn your dreams into a reality, and wouldn’t you want that professional touch and experience to make it all come true? Take those doodles and scrap paper scribbles, let the experts of the industry put them into physical elements, and don’t let time deter you.

Life is short enough as it is. With rapid prototype machining just a phone call away, deadlines are easily met, launch dates are kept, and you have a product completed with a touch of finesse. Win-win.




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