Why Go For A Course Even After MBA?

While many would argue that is there is no need as such to go for another course after you have successfully passed and graduated with an MBA degree. The fact remains that it in itself is a very self-sufficient course, to be honest. Students graduating from some of the top MBA colleges of the country are enjoying great job profiles with highly attractive salaries as well. It can be argued that the student may feel that the salary being offered to him or her is not as much as they would have wanted to have as an MBA graduate, but for even that cause a patient career outlook can help in the long run. But then why do students still go and look for the courses after MBA which they can pursue after successfully completing an MBA degree? The answer lies in the expectation of the student. Some students expect that if the MBA college that they had attended did not help them fetch a great job as such then pursuing a suitable course from a more reputed university will help them solve all their problems regarding the job and salaries. There are still many who would believe that their candidature will increase in its effectiveness if the new degree or diploma that they will acquire tends to enhance their skills in multiple ways.

Selecting the right course

The selection of the course that you want to pursue after doing an MBA will depend on how you are placed in your career. You might have done an MBA some time back while there might be a gap that had come in your regular education. This means that not all courses will be suitable for you and there will be some that you won’t be eligible for, depending on the number of gap years after the MBA degree. In such cases, it is advised not to go for an M.Phil. or a Ph.D. but one must think of short courses that are aimed at enhancement of key managerial skills. Such courses can be in marketing. Digital marketing courses are the most popular courses which are being conducted and have been accepted by companies all across the country. Other short term courses can be in data science for such individuals. Although, in India, there are very few recognized authorities that are known to conduct competent courses in the field of data science. Thus, one must make a smart choice.

Some more options after MBA

The other courses which are popular are not regular courses as such but are certifications. The CISM certification which stands for the Certified Information Systems Manager is being conducted at an international level which certifies an individual as a manager with managerial as well as IT skills that are required to be successful in looking after the business systems of the big companies in the world. It is recognized and in some cases is recommended by the companies for the management graduates. Being a certification, the student will have to study all by himself or herself to pass the exam and achieve the certificate. Other courses after an MBA that has real worth in today’s times with reference to the industry standards are the finance courses. These courses can only be pursued by those who belong to a finance background at the MBA degree level. The courses are numerous in this domain but the most popular ones are those in the Financial Risk Management sector and those in the Chartered financial analyst sectors. As it is an MBA in finance is considered the most fruitful of the MBA domains and skill improvement in this field will surely help the student in getting employed by the top organizations of the world. A new course that has gained popularity is the project management course. The course is designed to cultivate project leadership qualities in individuals so that the transient investment of a company in a project is looked after well and success rates in the project are also high. Then there are the most conventional courses of M.Phil. and Ph.D. in management which helps the professional in entering the teaching industry and can be vital for giving a new direction to their management career.

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