The Importance of Deep Cleaning: How Often Do You Need to Implement This Process?


Taking proper care of your house is undoubtedly one of the most essential things you need to remember as a homeowner. This includes deep cleaning of your house through a proper interval of time. 

In the US, allergies are one of the most common causes of chronic diseases. Each year more than 40 million people in the United States suffer from the symptoms of severe allergic reactions. The untidiness in your house will make you more vulnerable to allergies. 

But when you deep clean your house, you will be able to fight off these allergies. Here is the importance of deep cleaning and the parts of the house that need to be deep cleaned. 

How Often Do You Need to Deep Clean Your House?

The answer to this question depends on numerous factors. The part of the house you’re planning to clean will determine the frequency of the deep cleaning. Keep in mind that some specific parts of the house require daily cleaning, while some can be cleaned once or twice a year. 

Spring is the best time when you should consider deep cleaning your house. However, to keep your house fresh and prevent the build-up of dust and debris, deep cleaning once a year isn’t sufficient. 

If you need to determine the parts that require frequent cleaning, make sure you pay attention to their uses first. Clean the parts of your house that are used often. But it would be extremely hard to deep clean your house all by yourself. This is why you need to hire professionals from Berry Swift Cleaning of Houston and they will deep clean your house without any compromise. Here’s a map link to find our physical store

Which Parts You Should Clean Regularly?

As mentioned earlier, some specific parts of your house will need more frequent deep cleaning than others. The kitchen and the places where you spend most of your time will need deep cleaning. If you use your kitchen often, you need to ensure you’re taking proper cleaning steps to maintain hygiene. 

Make sure you sanitize the kitchen countertops and tables properly. De-clutter your room to make it tidier. 

You also need to take proper steps while cleaning your bedroom. If you don’t have a habit to wake up and make your bed, you need to adopt this useful habit soon. 

You also need to clean the bathroom every day. Even though deep cleaning once in a couple of months is enough, you still need to apply basic cleaning methods to prevent germ build-up in your bathroom. As per WebMD, bathroom germs can affect your physical health

Which Parts You Should Check Weekly?

On the weekends, set aside a specific time and create a cleaning routine. Here are the things that you need to deep clean every week:

  • The sponges need to be sanitized 
  • The towels should be washed properly 
  • Clean dust off the furniture items 
  • Clean the mirrors and living room furniture items
  • Wipe the bathroom and kitchen floors 
  • Scrub and use proper disinfectants to kill germs on the bathtub 

Keep in mind that you will most of your time in either bed or that sofa. If you don’t take shower before going to the bed, make sure you change the liners once a week. This way you can prevent sensitivities or allergies. 


Now you know the importance of deep cleaning. Don’t forget to visit our website if you want to deep clean your house. 




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