The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Lucrative Digital Marketing Business


Everyone’s moving to digital. Businesses offering products and services and even personal brands constantly seek a share of the vast online market. And what better way to guarantee success than to employ effective digital marketing strategies?

That’s where your digital marketing agency comes in. All these businesses and brands online are looking to rank higher on search engines, reach their target audiences and be more visible to potential customers. And they could be turning to your digital marketing agency. So, how do you build a name for yourself as a digital marketing firm? Let’s bump you up with a few trusty tips!

Here are some tips from SOBEVIRAL about starting marketing agency do’s and don’ts you’ll be glad you read.

Reach Out to Prospects

One of the primary ways to grow your digital marketing agency is to continuously reach out to new prospects. You can never have “enough” prospects. Targeting more prospects leads to more offers and, in due course, more money and success.

However, you don’t want to appear desperate when reaching out to potential clients. It’s okay if you don’t want to work with a prospect or lose one or two. Some clients may not be good for the future of your business or your well-being, so being selective is recommended.

However, don’t despair if a prospect isn’t a good fit for your firm. Try out different prospecting strategies to determine what doesn’t work and pinpoint what seems to propel your business.

Master One Niche First

A successful digital marketing agency should be able to plan and execute campaigns for its clients, regardless of their niche. Naturally, your acumen for these niches will grow as you go.

But when you’re starting, too much too soon can make you seem greedy and disoriented. We recommend fully mastering at least one niche as a startup digital marketing firm. Clients may be more inclined to choose your firm when you are knowledgeable and genuinely interested in their specific niche. You’ll have more insight into their industry market and the challenges they face, which means you can deliver actionable solutions.

Offer Various Marketing Skills

Digital marketing comprises various skills potential clients will be looking to you for. These skills include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads Management
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Link Building Services
  • Content Marketing and more

Comparing your start-up to established full-service digital marketing agencies would be unfair. And while it’s not mandatory to offer every digital marketing skill in the book, you can start with the most effective ones for building your reputation and brand name. Some of the most crucial skills to offer off the bat would be SEO, AdWords, social media Ads and lead generation.

A digital marketing plan is the core document you’ll use to map out how you market your brand or product in digital spaces. You might have high-level plans for website optimization, content marketing, SEM, and social media initiatives in your digital marketing strategy. This Digital Marketing Templates can help you deliver the right message to specific segments within your target audience.

Embrace Electronic Payments

Asking your clients to write checks for a digital marketing service is highly ironic. Aren’t things meant to be digital over here?

That notwithstanding, writing a check out to a business every month can force you to think long and hard about the cost implications. This conscious action and the ensuing thought process may make payouts to your firm seem expensive, and you don’t want that.

Electronic payments are quick and effortless. And, you can schedule weekly automatic electronic payments that won’t seem as extravagant as writing a big check every month on the client’s part.

Don’ts of Creating a Successful Digital Marketing Business

  • Ignore Your Website

As a digital marketing agency, your website is one of your most vital assets. It needs to be updated regularly to suit the latest site trends. Post the latest relevant content, offer valuable info to your readers, and adopt an attractive yet straightforward design.

  • Forget Mobile Optimization

Your potential clients are more likely to find and browse your website on their smartphones than on any other device. With over 4 billion active mobile internet users globally today, you want to ensure that your website works effectively on mobile. This includes mobile-friendly video, image, and text formats. You can even target mobile internet users with specific marketing tactics and campaigns.

  • Put Quantity Over Quality

Quality over quantity, ALWAYS. Search engines and your clients only care about the quality of your output, not how many blogs are up on your site. This doesn’t refute the fact that consistency is essential. But instead of continually churning out low-quality content, you can focus on producing a few high-quality, informative and engaging pieces regularly.

Have you just ventured into the digital marketing industry? Reach out to as many prospects as possible, offer different digital marketing skills, and embrace electronic payments. And if you are keen on success, don’t ignore your website, fail to optimize for mobile, or put quantity over quality.




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