The 6 Common Myths Of Rug Cleaning


Rugs are common in many homes and businesses. Aside from providing insulation and comfort, they also help boost the value of any property.

The thing is, rugs are also one of the furnishings most prone to serious wear and tear due to constant foot traffic from daily use. Over time, dust, dirt, and other particles will accumulate in the fibers, causing them to deteriorate if left ignored.

These particles can increase the risk of (or exacerbate) health issues like respiratory disease and allergies. That’s why maintaining their cleanliness is essential. It reduces health risks, removes safety hazards, and, above all, keeps them in good condition for as long as possible.

However, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions about rug cleaning. Clearing these false beliefs can help you better manage these choice investments.

Here are some of them, including what the facts actually say:

1. Rugs Do Not Need Steam Cleaning

Most people wonder if steam cleaning can work on floor rugs. The answer is yes.

A few believe that steam cleaning is either unnecessary or harmful to the rug’s intricate structure. But these are unfounded assumptions.

Much like carpets, rugs are vulnerable to stains, grime, and other buildup. All of these can be quickly removed by controlled steam, ensuring maximum coverage without fraying the rug’s threadwork. Compare that to usual methods that involve dumping corrosive chemicals and scrubbing, and you can see which one offers the best results.

Furthermore, steam cleaning can eliminate contaminants and unwanted odors to ensure your rugs smell clean and fresh. It can even remove chemical residues (e.g., soaps and detergents) from previous cleanings, which damage your rugs over time.

If a thorough steam cleaning is long overdue for your rugs, call a high-quality steam cleaning provider near you for reliable services and great rates.

2. Cleaning Can Make Rugs Dirty Again

First of all, this is a moot point. Anything clean gets dirty over time. It’s common sense to clean stuff constantly if you want to avoid problems coming from dirtiness.

And yet, many people think that professional rug cleaning isn’t worth it. Why? Because it can make them look dirty again quickly. It comes from the belief that cleaning agents leave a sticky residue, making them attract dirt easier.

However, this isn’t a problem when you hire a professional rug cleaning service that uses residue-free cleaning agents. It promises cleaning jobs that make your fixture look good as new without any hidden gunk.

3. Steam Cleaning Rugs Encourages Mold Growth

It’s natural to assume that your rug will dry longer when you have it steam cleaned, encouraging mold and mildew.

However, this only happens when the equipment used isn’t effective, or the procedure applied isn’t enough.

A reputable rug cleaning company steers clear of both of these. It invests in the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your rugs are properly cleaned and dried to prevent the spread of pathogens and health hazards.

4. Rug Cleaning Can Change The Look Of Your Rugs

Many people believe that rug cleaning can alter or ruin the look of a rug. If it’s done by an amateur, it might be the case.

But when you work with a professional rug cleaning company that’s careful with its cleaning solutions, you don’t have to worry about your rug losing its form and beauty. As mentioned, processes like steam cleaning maintain the integrity of fibers, allowing rugs to last longer.

5. Basic, Store-Bought Products Can Remove Stains

Although store-bought cleaning products promise to eliminate all the stains from your rugs, most of that is just advertising. Always think twice before purchasing them.

When you remove a rug’s stains, you need to consider what caused it against its material. Standard cleaning solutions indicate which types of fabric you can use them on, so stick to them or risk ruining your rug.

Most of the time, it’s best to let the professionals do the job. They have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to deal with a wide variety of rug stains safely and efficiently.

6. Wait Until Your Rug Gets Dirty

Rugs are designed to hide dirt. When you see them every day, you won’t notice how filthy they are until they get dark, gross, and smelly. But if you wait until your rug turns visibly grimy, all the dirt could have already damaged its longevity.

Experts recommend having your rugs professionally cleaned regularly. Create a routine rug cleaning schedule so you don’t have to guess whether to call a professional or risk fraying a prized piece in your room design.

Cleanliness Is Always Key

Understanding these misconceptions is vital to maintain your rugs’ integrity and lifespan. Besides, dirty rugs are magnets for health and safety risks, not to mention repellants for guests or clients. Don’t hesitate to call a professional rug cleaning company when you need help getting the job done.




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