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Termite control can save you from thousands of dollars in repairs to your house foundation. These insects are by far more notorious than others around the house.  Many people do not know much about these small insects that love to make colonies and have a very organized system.

When you see signs of termites, it is important to call the pest exterminator, so they can come out and take a look at the situation. Sometimes the colonies are big and there could be hundreds and thousands of termites living in the tree trunks or under the ground. If you can see dunes in your yard, it is very likely that you have a termite colony on your property. Termites love to store food and also have a queen. The food they store may be coming from your house.

These pests not only eat up the wood they also make holes in fabrics and eat up the paper as well. Your foundation and wooden furniture are at risk if you have a termite infestation. They can eat up wood from the inside leaving it hollow. There are many species of termites and when you learn the type then you can think of eradication.

If the termite colony is old there will be various types of treatments used by the exterminators. The wood that is affected will also need repairs. When the infestation is new, simple spot treatment will do the job for you. Thorough fumigation is required when you have the pest both inside and outside the house. It means that they have been there for a long period of time. All pest extermination is best done by a professional company as they know all about the species of the pest and use the more potent chemicals for pest control.

It is good to keep the firewood, mulch, and deadfall out of the yard to prevent a termite infestation. Nothing that termites like needs to be near the foundation. Termites love damp wood so make sure there are no water leaks, so no wood gets damp. All the dead branches on shrubs and trees also need to be removed. The most common type of termite treatment for your foundation includes making holes in the foundation and then injecting insecticide in the holes. Another way of getting rid of the termites involves using a bait system that is placed around the foundation.

The best solution remains fumigation. The family will be informed ahead of time and you will have to leave the house for a number of hours. All foods and medications will also need to be covered before you leave.

When you find termites on your property, call an experienced termite control company to get the job done right the very first time. They know all about the various species and how to tell the age of the termite colonies. They use the right insecticide made by big brand names that help control the situation fast. A repeat visit may be required in some cases.




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