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Success in the international foreign exchange market Forex depends on many factors. Traders’ skills and experience are essential. A reliable broker must be chosen. The investment firm Esperio is attracting more and more attention. What is reported about Esperio customer reviews is inspiring. Let’s find out if it is realistic to succeed in Forex with this company and look at Esperio Forex reviews.

What is Esperio Broker?

The Esperio Broker trademark is the property of OFG Cap. Ltd. This company is a resident of St. Vincent, and the Grenadines have a registration certificate from the state regulator as an International Business Company. The certificate confirming the registration is available on the broker’s website in the Legal Information section. According to public sources, OFG has been operating since 2012. At that time, the Esperio brand was created, under which OFG provides services. Esperio has been a global broker for over a decade, actively working with retail clients worldwide.

Esperio’s statistics on the number of clients, transactions, annual trading turnover, and regions of presence can be found on the broker’s website. As the best offering on the market, it is the ideal solution for those seeking to make money online.

 There is a ranking of reasons why people choose the firm and start cooperation:

  1. Global broker
  2. Practical tools for making profits
  3. The most popular trading platform from the market leader MetaQuotes
  4. Analytics and market expertise
  5. 24/7 Online Support
  6. Loyalty programs: bonuses, promotions
  7. Training courses in trading
  8. Extra service for VIP

Is there any real reason for this rating? The fact is that Esperio Broker reviews its clients on the official website. It is not only the frequency of mentioning each sense in the reviews that matters but also the results of client surveys, which the company’s marketers regularly conduct.

Esperio Broker reviews: How to get started

The hardest part will be finding Esperio among hundreds of other brokers. The concentration in the segment of financial market trading access services is very high. Clients can wander from one broker to another in search of the best conditions. The state regulator’s license to work as a Forex dealer is a litmus test for some clients. For others, the broker must help make profits regardless of the jurisdiction.

Esperio Forex as an international online broker is not dependent on jurisdictions. It works wherever there is access to the Internet. To start cooperating, you need to go to Esperio’s official website. Here you can order a call-back from a manager who will help you to register, or you can register on my Esperio page.

Registration is straightforward. In the form, you need to specify:

  1. Name (must match the real one in your passport).
  2. Phone number in international format (password will be sent via SMS).
  3. Email (the password will be sent to the mail address).
  4. You can choose the nearest partner’s office (optional).
  5. Think up a password for logging in to a private office (must correspond to the security rules).
  6. Tick the box to consent to personal data processing.
  7. Press the “Register” button.

After registration, customers log in using their account number or email address, and password. The password recovery function is available.

All stages of working with Esperio

Registration of a personal account on the website is the first stage. Then you need to download and install the trading platform on your computer or mobile device. According to the rating above, MetaTrader is one of the critical factors (third position) that determine the choice of customers. There’s not enough reason to doubt it: Esperio Broker checks the reviews of the trading platform users thoroughly and does not allow any falsifications.

MetaTrader allows you to open and close transactions on the financial market. When authorizing the trading platform, the user specifies the username and password and chooses the Esperio trading server. A critical stage is training. It can take place in different formats.

Information is available on the company’s website. For training purposes, it is helpful to use a demo account. It allows you to get initial skills working with the platform, test trading strategy, learn how to use analysis tools in planning transactions, and many other things. Subsequent stages of working with the company are funding the Esperio Broker account, active trading, closing trades, and withdrawal of profits. How long the cooperation will last depends on the quality of interaction between the parties. The company’s technical support service is always ready to offer any assistance.

Our Customers’ Testimonials

The quality of interaction with Esperio is assessed most accurately by customer reviews. Adequate reaction at any stage of work with the Esperio Broker reflects objectively existing pros and cons. People write frankly, without being shy. The following groups of reviews can be distinguished thematically:

  1. The breadth of the line of financial instruments;
  2. The quality of market analytics;
  3. Esperio Copy Trading service;
  4. Receipt of bonuses;
  5. The results of learning how to trade;
  6. Trading conditions;
  7. The work of technical support service.




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