Stop Sign Tickets In California 2020

Stop signs are a fairly straightforward indicator on the road. If you see one, you need to stop at it before proceeding. However, people sometimes run through them. Whether from missing the sign, being distracted or simply not coming to a complete stop, many drivers get stop sign tickets at some point. If this happens, you may want to look up traffic attorneys. Here’s what you need to know about stop sign tickets in California.

The Law

Stop sign tickets are issues in California under Vehicle Code 22450 VC. This requires that drivers come to a complete stop at stop signs. It also indicates where the driver should stop in specific situations.

At an intersection, drivers should stop before entering the crosswalk or at the limit line painted on the road. If neither of those exists, the driver should stop before entering the intersecting street.

At a railroad crossing, the driver should stop at the limit line or before reaching the railroad grade crossing. Of course, if you are stopping at a railroad crossing, it is not a smart idea to go too far forward regardless of the law. Trains are not going to stop for you.

Making a Complete Stop

One of the most common reasons that people find themselves frantically searching for “traffic ticket lawyer Fresno CA” (or wherever they received the ticket) is making a rolling stop. The law stipulates that drivers must come to a complete stop. That means that the vehicle’s speed must be zero.

There is no rule for how long the driver should be stopped. However, stop signs exist to avoid collisions, so it makes sense to take a moment to look around before proceeding.

Getting a Ticket

If you receive a stop sign ticket in California, the base fine is $238 as of 2020. There are also court costs and other assessments that could significantly increase the cost of the ticket. In short, you likely want to fight the ticket.

Furthermore, you will receive a point against your license for the ticket. This may be avoidable if you fight the ticket in court. However, as it is, your insurance costs will likely go up.

If you receive too many points within a certain timeframe, you can be charged with negligent operation and have your license suspended. This requires four points in 12 months, six in 24 months or eight points in 36 months.

Fighting the Ticket

It is worth it to fight the ticket in court. You may be able to avoid the points by taking a driver’s ed class. Additionally, with the right help, you may be able to get out of the ticket entirely. Finding a good lawyer for speeding tickets and other traffic tickets can help with a lot of traffic violation woes. If you want to avoid getting caught speeding, buying a radar detector is a good move. Check out this radar detector review.

Learn More

Stop sign tickets are an unfortunate situation to be in. They can be very expensive and stressful. Fortunately, if you are proactive about showing up for court and making your case, you may be able to avoid some of the greater costs. If you receive one, start looking for help.

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