Steps to Watch YouTube Videos Offline

When you travel via the underground metro or in a lousy network service area, you can’t access the internet. As a result, you spend the time in sheer boredom or counting the trees or the stars in the sky. And that’s the reason why you always carry a source of entertainment along with you, right?

Well, it’s kind of good that you won’t be spending your time alone anymore. But, what if we say that there is another way in which you can fight boredom? 

Yes, now, with different applications, you can still watch your favorite movies or cartoons on YouTube even when your phone has no internet. These are the offline videos which have become quite popular since the time the channel introduced the feature. 

However, since most of you aren’t that tech-savvy, we will be discussing certain facts about how to download YouTube videos offline and watch them with no internet.

By downloading offline videos directly from YouTube

The first way in which you can download the offline videos from YouTube is as follows:

  • Open a video that you want to download on youtube.
  • Click on the options button right at the end of the video screen. 
  • If the video allows, you will get an offline download option. 
  • Click on the button and wait for the video to get downloaded. 
  • It will be saved to your collection of offline videos on the YouTube platform only. 

Even though this method seems convenient enough, not every single video on YouTube has this special offline download feature. As a result, you will have minimal options if you are choosing this method. Most of the time, the old videos show the offline feature, while the new videos can only be seen with an internet connection. 

By converting the YouTube videos to an mP4 version using a converter

Another fantastic way to view offline YouTube videos is by using an online converter. All you need to visit here, a genuine converter app that will convert the YouTube version of the video to the storable MP4 version. After that, you have to follow these steps:

  • Copy the link of the video from YouTube and then paste it on the online converter app. 
  • Once you have pasted the link, search for the video. Sometimes, you will get the exact one while sometimes, a mix of the videos will come. In the latter case, you need to search for the video that you want properly.
  • After that, click on the video. A link will be shown to convert the video to an MP3 version or the MP4 version. Choose the latter one. 
  • Wait for the converter to respond and allow the video to be converted. The time taken will depend on the size of the original YouTube clip. 


Here, we have described the two best downloading videos and then watched them offline. We hope that now you will get rid of your boredom once you run out of the internet balance or you travel to a place out of the network range. 

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