Steps To Create Your Own Personalised FIFA Card


Ask a sports fan and you’ll find out how sacred it is for them to create personalised sports merchandise. Your favourite team jersey with your name embedded with a lucky number gives different kinds of chills while you’re in the battleground. Your passion exponentially multiplies with personalised merchandise. The same is the case with Personalised FIFA cards.

If you create your own FIFA card, it will have a great impact on a peer who is also equally enthusiastic about that sport. Some might think it as a show off but in the true sense it is there to improve your internal motivation.

The content

The FIFA card contains your name, country, your statistics, ratings and whatever you would like to add. It is that part of your sports kit that you will cherish forever. Even when you grow up, you see your records as a teenager who outfid others in football.

To make your own FIFA card, you need to follow a few steps. Now, no matter what platform you choose for your FIFA card, the steps will remain the same. So, let’s help you create a FIFA card that is memorable for life.

The steps

  • Choosing a design

The first thing you need to do is choose a design for your card. You’ll get a list of designs and with your own preference, you need to choose one. Most platforms will confuse you with that amount of choices they have. However, the best design according to you will fall in your eye within a few seconds.

There are hundreds of designs to choose from. We think, the more the designs, the better variety and flexibility there is.

  • Configuration

Now, once you choose your design, it’s not rigid and you can customize those designs according to your preference. You can configure your letter in terms of colour, font and what information you want to embed on it. Your picture, your lucky number, name, nickname, shield, statistics etc. everything is customisable. You just need to know whatever information you have of yourself.

  • Confirming the order

Once you’re done with configuration, it’s time to confirm the order with the platform you choose. Fill in your shipping details, make advance payment and You are done designing your personalised FIFA card. However, once you have confirmed your offer, it depends on the creator on any change once the order is done. Since these cards are personalised, it will be difficult for you to change the information and design once the production has started.

  • Enjoy your card journey

Now, it’s time for you to enjoy and showcase your records and statistics to others. It is not always possible to verbally tell people the number of goals scored, the number of assists made. So, your card does the trick for you. Personalised FIFA cards are highly customisable. You can hand them on the wall or put them in your sports kit. It is always special to carry your records with you.

The best feature about personalised FIFA cards is that they are incredibly finished in gloss coating. They look very premium and they don’t age. They are very durable and you can take them to places.

So, next time when you order your personalised FIFA card, do share your pictures on Instagram.




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