Start Up Recruitment

Hiring and retaining the best talent in your company is one of the most important factors for success. How important for start up recruitment? According to a recent study by McKinsey, top talent is 400% more productive compared to average workers.

Also, it concludes that a worker who stands out for his performance is equivalent to 12 employees with the lowest returns.

For professions and technical and complex positions, the value of a high-performance worker is almost limitless.

Within a competitive market, with greater flexibility and opportunities to work from almost anywhere, business owners and managers need to make sure they are aware of the changing environment, listen to the needs of their employees, and innovate to make sure they have the staff As talented as possible.

According to the results of the fourth annual Brother International “Vision SMEs” survey, of the 801 executives surveyed in Costa Rica, UK, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador, almost 20% of the business leaders interviewed said they planned to add employees to their payroll.

However, how can we make sure we are hiring the best?

Since many businesses are looking to add collaborators, there are several ways in which companies can optimize their Human Resources and recruitment practices, to attract and retain the best of the best in each field.

As a member of the Latin American small business advisory group for Brother, I have the opportunity to share best practices to help other entrepreneurs and business managers succeed.

Here are some essential principles for start up recruitment to consider when evaluating your current staff and preparing new job offers. Attention: it is not always about money.

Focus on roles instead of people

According to McKinsey, you have to focus the search for talent in roles and how this will create value for your organization.

It is straightforward to fall in love with the experience of a particular candidate. Still, if they cannot bring the right value to one of their most essential and most valuable start up recruitment positions, it may not be worth the investment.

Meet expectations

Your job offers must be realistic and honest. It would help if you kept the promises you are selling to the new employee.

Whether in your tasks, innovation, flexibility or culture, be honest and sell to those potential employees, the things that make an organization unique and attractive.

Nothing will make an employee go out the door faster than the feeling of being cheated when his company recruited him.

In my business, we try to be very clear about our objectives, so that our employees always know what their route is. I think this is an essential factor in keeping our employees engaged.

Focus on intangible benefits

While it is true, a competitive salary and an economic benefits package are essential, it is not everything.

Especially when the market has already standardized compensation levels, the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is to show the non-monetary benefits of working for your company.

According to the People for Human Resource Management (SHRM), while health and retirement benefits topped the list of benefits that employee’s value, licenses or permits were also important factors, agreements of labour flexibility and professional development benefits.

If properly designed, these intangible benefits do not have to represent a high-cost factor for companies to implement in their current operations and organizational culture to start up recruitment.

Offer your employees a challenge.

Asking employees to find new and creative solutions can be very rewarding for that person and the organization.

At Green choice Flowers, when we give our workers the freedom to take on challenges and offer new ideas, it leads us to joint development, both for the employee and for the company and allows us to meet our goals and innovate.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you want to know what your best employees value, you have to ask them to start up recruitment.

By asking your employees what they value about your company and what changes they would like to see, you get valuable data for retention and recruitment, and it also shows your workers that you are engaging them in the process of making your business the best place to work.

If you decide to interview or survey your employees, it is essential to act or follow up on the information to show that you are open and listening to their opinions and comments.

According to the Peoples of Human Resource Management, many successful companies are modifying and improving their benefits packages, by listening and observing the market and employees

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