Signs Your Semi-Truck Needs an Alignment

Commercial semi-trucks and vehicles make up 12.5% of all registered vehicles. A statistical analysis of truck accidents revealed that roughly 5,000 individuals die every year because of crashes involving semi-trucks.

A semi-truck is a combination of one or more semi-trailers and tractor units. Semi-trucks are used to carry bigger loads like generators and powerful engines.

Semi-truck accidents are a result of poor suspension, damaged steering wheels, and improper alignment. Read on and find out the apparent signs that indicate the need for a semi truck alignment machine.

Abnormal Tire Wear in Certain Spots

Perhaps the most noticeable indication of improper alignment is abnormal wear and tear patterns on the tires. Check the outside and inside edges of the tires to determine the suspension condition, tire pressures, and alignment issues.

Slight attrition on these parts can result in camber adjustment problems. Scalloping and feathering of the tires also lead to a problem in the toe adjustment.

Wears are seen while initiating a tire rotation or a routine inspection. Examine the abrasions on your tire before checking for a semi truck alignment machine in a reputed company like Rav America.

Proper alignment of wheels significantly increases the life of tires. It also prevents road traffic accidents, which is relatively common these days. Recent statistics show that more than 3,000 individuals die daily as a result of road crashes.

Steering Wheel Does Not Return to the Center

Steering wheels will start to return to the center naturally as you keep driving. However, if the steering wheel does not attempt to move back to the center, you may be looking at an alignment problem.

Improper wheel alignment can build a plethora of premature wear and drivability problems to a semi-trailer. Misalignment can also ruin the couplings and seals, which can eventually lead to lubrication problems. Check the semi-truck using an alignment machine even if it’s not a safety issue for the ride.

Besides the steering wheel, suspension components should also be examined to ensure that they are well-updated. Worn out suspension parts also result in the alignment going out of the norm.

Semi-Truck Continuously Pulls to One Side

Constant vehicle pull on a level road is another indication that you need an alignment machine. The semi-truck should drive straight ahead with minimal effort on the steering wheel.

Using an alignment machine helps correct the vehicle pull and enhances the general driving ability of the semi-truck. A wheel alignment tool also fixes unstable handling to make it safe for anyone to drive around corners.

What to Look for in a Semi-Truck Alignment Equipment?

Always find a semi-truck alignment machine that is flexible to work splendidly with different vehicle models. This is because modern semi-trailer has progressive features like advanced driver assistance systems and steering sensor reset capabilities.

Consider a truck alignment machine that can easily be scaled and updated to cater to newer models. Doing so will help you save money from expensive repairs and keep your vehicle running for at least 7,000 to 10,000 miles.

Choosing modern semi-truck alignment equipment also helps businesses generate customers and achieve a higher return on investments. Thus, finding the best mechanics to work with your vehicle alignment is a decision you will not regret.

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