Should you first watch a live wedding band perform and then hire one? 


Are you planning to opt-in for a live wedding band for your wedding celebration? If yes, it’s an intelligent decision that you watch them at first. Only sometimes is it possible for people to do so! Usually, these wedding bands perform at private parties and functions. And you might need access to watch them. So, if you can manage their work, go ahead.

  • Go ahead and watch an open rehearsal, wedding showcase, or pub gig

Watching a live wedding band performing is not a challenge. There are a few bands that provide free showcases where their prospective clients can have a look at what they have to offer. You can even take a look at their rehearsal days. Otherwise, you might also want to see them performing at a local venue or pub. If there is a national wedding, it is a good chance for you to watch them perform. Once you do that, you will have a fair share of ideas about how the performers are and whether they can adapt to your need. Once you realize the extreme importance of creating the perfect wedding event, you will want to be very particular about the live wedding band you choose for the wedding ceremony. 

  • The wedding band rehearsals and pub gigs

Here is one thing that you need to keep in mind. If a wedding band plays at a local gig almost every weekend, chances are they only have a few projects. However, that is not something alarming or a distinct red flag. It’s because, even when it comes to weddings, there are peak seasons and off-seasons in marriages. During the latter, the band needs to stay busy, earn money and get some practice. 

But you might have to think twice if you constantly find them a pub gig, mainly throughout the year. It could also be that it is a new band, and they are trying to establish themselves and network. You need to check the band’s track record and decide accordingly, without impulsively assuming, which cannot act in your favor. 

  • The part-time wedding band statistics

Surprisingly, more than 50% of newlyweds often feel they need to utilize their wedding budget correctly. And they often think overpaying for a live wedding band is a massive waste of money. And it usually is for most couples that get impressed by local pub bands at first, but on the day of the event, they get tremendously disheartened. There are also last-minute bookings where the pub-style and the part-time bands get booked for the wedding night performance. Any decision or booking made in haste will not yield the best outcomes. And no wonder most couples feel that they have been ultimately let down by the wedding band and their lack of professionalism. 

Therefore, it makes sense that you do your research well. You should find out about the leading live wedding bands that are popular in your locality. After that, try and watch their live performance and take a feel of it. Once you are convinced that they have all you want in a band, go ahead and further the discussion and negotiation. 




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