Sergey Tokarev About the Opportunity to Attend a Berkeley Training for Women


Sergey Tokarev and SET University present a new and exciting project for Ukrainian women who aspire to become leaders in the world of artificial intelligence. This unique 3-day Leading the AI with Confidence training is completely free. The organizers provided an offline training format that will take place in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and scheduled the start of the session on August 30.

According to Sergey Tokarev, the initiative is entrusted to the Fisher Center for Business Intelligence, a member of the prestigious University of California at Berkeley.

Sergey Tokarev informs that at the moment SET University offers a unique opportunity for Ukrainian women to take part in a special program that is aimed at socially oriented projects in the economic and charitable spheres. This offer also applies to women who have suffered from war or who are faced with a forced resettlement situation. Moreover, women working in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, and the Special Operations Forces are also invited to join this program.

Irina Volnitskaya, President of SET University, shared this opportunity in her post on the Facebook platform. Her keen interest in social issues and support for Ukrainian women with various circumstances encourage the development of such an important and targeted program.

This training session is entrusted to Gauthier Wasser, Distinguished Director and Professor of the Fisher Center for Business Intelligence at the University of California, Berkeley. His expertise in data analytics and digital transformation adds value to this course. Gauthier Wasser guides business leaders and teaches them how to apply data science and analytics to develop and successfully implement business strategies. His experience and knowledge make an invaluable contribution to the education of participants in the SET University program.

On the faculty of SET University, Gauthier Wasser joined as an adjunct professor and member of the Academic Council, demonstrating his interest in disseminating knowledge and experience among university students.

Sergey Tokarev also informed that those wishing to take part in the program must submit an application, and it is important to remember that the last day for submission is August 18. This gives women enough time to prepare and submit their applications for this valuable and practical training.

Sergey Tokarev, the founder of the Technological University, is also pleased to announce the official launch of two master’s programs: Cyber Defense and Computer Science and Innovative Engineering. These educational programs are developed taking into account the current needs of the market and represent interdisciplinary research.

Through these programs, students will gain in-depth knowledge and skills in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, project management, and blockchain. This will allow graduates to successfully cope with the challenges in the modern technological environment and become sought-after specialists in the labor market.

These academic programs are aimed at a wide audience. They provide opportunities for professional development for both managers and team leaders who wish to strengthen their expertise, and for creative innovators who seek to create innovative technology projects. In addition, the programs offer valuable knowledge for software and hardware developers, as well as for non-technical professionals who want to systematize their knowledge in the field of technology.

Sergey Tokarev, in his written address, expresses pride in his team and confidence that future participants in master’s programs will make a huge contribution to the development of technology and the creation of innovative solutions for the country and the entire world community.




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