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Creating guest posts is a good way for you to attract different audiences to your website. An average of 56% of bloggers post for multiple websites, successfully bringing new leads that they wouldn’t have had access to. Only 52% of those guest bloggers write those posts themselves – the rest leave this job in the hands of the experts.

Professional companies such as can help you create and post guest posts that bring leads. Here are the benefits that you may enjoy while using this new guest post marketplace:

  • Large Website Database

A guest post will only be successful if the website it is posted on is relevant to your business. EasyLink has a database with more than 15,000 websites that you can choose from. This way, you can identify a high-authority website that works best for your needs, efficiently growing your traffic and your ranking.

  • Easily-Found Guest Posts

For a guest post to be effective, it needs to be very easy to find. The average person only makes a couple of clicks on a website before they can determine its use. This is why guest posts should follow the 3-click rule. The articles posted by EasyLink are either found on the website’s home page or only 2-3 clicks away from it. This ensures your guest posts do not end up buried too deep.

  • Experienced SEO Team

EasyLink makes SEO easy through its experience and knowledge base. With more than eight years of experience, they know how to make use of backlinks, keywords, long texts, and analytics to create the perfect content. The writing team will properly optimize the content, putting all of their gathered knowledge at your disposal.

  • Multiple Filtering Options

Finding the perfect websites for your guest posting goals can be very challenging. They need to be relevant to what you have to offer so that your readers can follow through and access your website. EasyLink offers multiple filtering options, using metrics from Moz, aHrefs, SEMRush, or Majestic. This should ensure that your guest post ends up exactly where it is supposed to be.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

The Internet is a vast place, and even the best pieces of content may be underperforming. No one can guarantee that your post will go live. EasyLink guarantees a 95% chance of going live, meaning that they have your marketing campaign covered. That being said, if something goes wrong with the guest post, a 1-year warranty is also provided. This way, you will be able to make the most out of your investment.

Reach a Wider Audience!

SEO can be made easier by using the right marketplace for it. If you are planning to post guest posts, then EasyLink can connect you to thousands of websites all over the world. By hiring a professional to do your guest posting, you may dedicate your time and efforts to taking care of your business. The right marketplace will not only offer you website options but may also help you with your content!




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