Reasons When Divorce Is the Only Option Left


Relations take years to strengthen themselves but may break up in a blink. So, care for them.

Having both the conflicting and the agreeing views is quite normal with humans. Likewise, neither is there always harmony nor a clash between a couple, no matter how long and short they have been together. It is only a matter of tolerance, forbearance, and reconciliation to live with your spouse on a long term basis.

Nobody is perfect and, hence, should never expect the significant other so. But, it does happen at times that this formula does work any longer. Marriages break down, the family system gets ruined and the children have to suffer the worst. Always try your best to avoid such a nuisance, but if it gets dire to happen, you should consult the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates or others to take the required legal help in this regard. However, if a there are no other options an uncontested divorce may be the best you can hope for.

Observations have revealed the following major reasons behind the divorce.

  1. Sheer lack of Commitment

Though marriage itself is an ultimate commitment, a lot of marriages get broken every year just because of the lack of commitment on the part of both partners. Both do not take their mutual relation seriously and never care for this blissful bond. Rather, they seem reluctant to each other and start feeling bored in each other’s company. This lack of commitment widens apart their mutual differences and the end result is their divorce.

  1. Extramarital relations or infidelity

More than quite often, nobody likes his or her spouse to show infidelity or have extramarital relations with others. The common reasons behind this infidelity are insecurity issues, feeling neglected and a fear of abandonment.

Actually, these factors keep on working over a certain period of time and deteriorate the bond between the spouses. These wavering participants become too much vulnerable to the temporary or outward charms of extramarital relations and their already dwindling relationship cannot bear this temptation and collapses itself. A lot of people surveyed in this regard cited that this unfair relation proved the last nail in the coffin.

  1. Incompatibility or too much arguing and conflicts

 Having too many conflicts and not getting them solved through healthy discussions gradually bring the partners to the point of no return. The difference in personalities reflects in their respective viewpoints and they are always seen arguing bitterly over trifles. This incompatibility and too many conflicts put a harsh crack in their blessed relation and the never strong bond between them breaks apart adversely. Both the participants have by now become very much fed up with each other and think about divorce as the only option left before them.

  1. Adverse financial problems

Intolerable stress to the already tense situation and relationship is that of the financial pressure. This is of three kinds mainly. First, if the couple used to be rich in the near past and have come to a huge business loss, there are bright chances that both or either of them will not be able to adjust or herself with the changed scenario. Second, they were poor and are still so. This thing may create a lot of tension between the couple and a lot of happiness may go wasted just because of the poor finances. Consequently, severe misunderstanding develops and they keep quarreling with one another all the time. Third, financial pressure may be there if the participants have different and conflicting money styles. If one is the saver and the other is a spender, the result will be a mess and disaster in the form of divorce.

  1. Lack of communication

Being wrapped up in so many layers of life like kids, job or business, family relations, standing in the community, etc. leaves you with no time to communicate with your spouse. This is dangerous, for frequent and detailed communication solves a lot of issues and disallows a lot of others to rise. A severe communicational gap creates misunderstanding and suspicion between the participants and they remain irritated and frustrated all the time. If it continues unchecked, it brings them to the verge of separation, and ultimately divorce is the result.

  1. Both physical and emotional domestic abuse

Shouting at your partner, constant negligence, displaying an angry face all the time, not willing to spend for your spouse, vulgar and taunting comments, and many more negative things and signs always take you far from your life partner. Abuse of any kind causes destruction in matrimonial relations and when there is an excess of it, you may obviously predict the result, no more continuity of the marriage bond.

  1. Addiction

Addiction to anything is bad and if it of narcotics, it is really devastating. It really becomes unbearable to endure and put along with an addict. So, a lot of divorced couples count addiction as the chief most reason for their mishap.

  1. Lack of premarital counseling and religious tolerance

Premarital counseling and education help you get along peacefully and sensibly. The same is the case with religious tolerance. Any lack of these two virtues may very well be the possible reason of divorce between couples with acute mutual clashes all the time.




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