Reasons for Pursuing a Staycation Even if International Borders Reopen


It’s been months since the lockdown orders were in place. You couldn’t go to other countries and enjoy a nice vacation. You have no choice but to stay home due to the threats of getting infected. Hopefully, things will get better and international trips become possible again. Even then, it’s best not to pursue an international trip. If given an opportunity, you should choose to go on a staycation. There are plenty of local tourist destinations that are worth paying for. You can also choose to stay in large houses to rent for weekends. You can find them near you. Even if you have more options, these reasons will convince you to stay.

You should help revive local tourism

The lack of tourists over the past months has killed several businesses. Employees lost their jobs as a result. You have to support your local tourism industry by doing a staycation. Small hotel and accommodation operators will appreciate your support. Tourism around the world got severely hit, and you should start helping the people near you.

Threats of the virus are still present 

Even if a vaccine gets discovered eventually, mass production will take too much time. There’s also no guarantee that the vaccine will remain effective for a long time. Viruses mutate, and the recently discovered vaccine might not work anymore. Due to these threats, it’s best if you stay in a local destination. If you have children and elderly loved ones with you, they’re at risk if you decide to travel internationally.

You still need to save money

Although you didn’t spend a lot due to the lockdown, you still have to save money. The economy isn’t doing well, and will probably go into recession soon. The virus adversely impacted different industries. You should save for a rainy day. You might be lucky that you didn’t lose your job. It doesn’t mean you can keep it forever. Prices could also go up, and you have to spend more over the next few months. If you travel locally, it will help you save a lot. Even when you rent an expensive big house, it’s still cheaper than going to other places.

You just want to get out 

You want to travel because you’ve been home for a long time. It doesn’t mean you should go to distant locations. The goal is to relax in a place aside from your house. It might be best if you go somewhere near and have a change of scenery. You already got accustomed to a home environment anyway. It won’t hurt if you do it even when borders reopen.

Things are soon going to change, and everything will be better. Tourism will pick up, and you can go anywhere you want. When it happens, don’t feel overwhelmed. Try to get practical and look for ways to save money even when you want to have fun. You deserve a wonderful place to have a vacation after months of being at home. Plan it with your family and let them have a voice in the process.




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