Racquetball Shoes Buying Guide

Playing Racquetball is not that easy task. You many need to suffer many times if you want to succeed in that game. However, if you get the right racquetball shoes then you will be able to support the improvement in your performance in a matter of weeks.

It is essential to realize that the quality of your shoes plays a crucial role in your success. Not to mention, that you should know the real features it would be better to look for when buying for such a footwear.

This is a review about the most recent tips and advice about the abilities of the most competent racquetball shoes.

Building guide for the best racquetball shoes

There are a lot to say about this kind of shoes that is so different than the regular ones. However, you should better point out in special features like:

  • Design

This is a neglected feature by most reviewers. The reality is that you need to have the most fashionable shoes in order to feel great when wearing them. There is no need to have extra threads on your racquetball shoes or extreme coloring. The best design is the one that satisfies your aesthetic need.

  • Midsole

Since racquetball involves lots of speeding and jumping it is necessary that your shoes are having a foamy midsole. This is important since you need an extra layer to take the form of your feet and make you feel comfortable when you are playing.

Not to mention, that the midsole is going to absorb all the shocks coming from the outside and give you enough stamina to withstand any kind of difficult activities.

  • Ankle protection

This is the number one ability that you should be looking for. Your ankle joints keep on being vulnerable to all possible movements you are constantly making. Especially when you are playing racquetball your ankles are getting massively aggravated by your weight.

These shoes are featuring a higher top to cover and embrace your ankle joint. You will feel more secured than ever before when wearing this kind of shoes.

  • Cushioning

It remains one of the most prominent features of the racquetball shoes. Lately, have we seen high-tech cushioning to be placed on the heel and foot curve areas. However, this is not the normal rule in such shoes. You need to perfectly check the ability of your shoes to protect your foot curve and heel by providing the most stable cushioning.

  • External outsoles rubber alloys

Your outsole still is the most important part of the shoes. This can give you the chance to balance in watery surfaces as well as the uneven ones. You can easily protect yourself from any kind of falls and injuries when playing racquetball. For people that are constantly practicing this game the presence of the most competent outsoles is an imperative.

  • Breathability

A traditional feature that applies to all kinds of footwear. Racquetball is an intense sport that makes you sweat a lot during the game. That is why your shoes should be breathable letting the airflow passing through the holes of the upper mesh and shaft.

In this way you can forget about the thermal impact that many athletes feel during the game. Racquetball shoes are better to be breathable than leaving your feet without airflow in the hardest part of the game.

  • Inserts

Sometimes you are going to need orthotics to bear up with pain associated with playing racquetball. Your shoes should be able to accept those inserts. In case you want to rehabilitate yourself a lot easier, then your shoes should have a special sock liner that gives you the chance to adjust any kind of moving aid you may possibly need.


Racquetball shoes should be fashionable and practical the same time. They should make you feel comfortable after long hours of use. Not to mention, that they should be anatomical and make you outperform anytime you are using them.

Most of the athletes, require that their shoes would be suitable to wear in their leisure activities as well. This is one important criterion that still can affect your decision while buying for a new pair of racquetball shoes.

Invest in your shoes and you will be remunerated by the improvement in your performance levels.

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