Prothom Alo – The Leading Newspaper of Bangladesh

Prothom Alo

Prothom Alo is one of the leading daily newspapers in Bangladesh that are read all over the world. Based on circulation, the newspaper stands out as the 2nd largest newspaper in the country. Prothom Alo is published in the Bengali Language from Dhaka. According to a reliable survey by MRB Bangladesh, there are more than 5 million daily readers of the print edition of this newspaper. Furthermore, its website is also the top Bengali website in the world.

History of Prothom Alo Potrika

It was the year 1998 when Prothom Alo was founded. With an initial circulation of 40,000 copies, it gradually reached half a million copies in a few years. The newspaper got immense fame through its investigation and reporting of acid attacks and violence against women in the country. It was the efforts of this newspaper that pushed the government to make tough laws against the sale of acid and acid attackers.

Whether Dhaka, Bogra, or Chittagong, the newspaper is widely popular in all the cities of Bangladesh. Many survey firms also term Prothom Alo as the most influential newspaper in the country. The reason that the newspaper has made its place among both common people and intellectuals is its ethical journalism.

The newspaper is committed to focus on the fundamental rights of people, the market economy, and democratic politics in the country. Other than that, it also emphasizes the importance of social justice. The professional team of Prothom Alo not only tells what’s wrong but also describes how to make it correct.

The Ultimate Story of the Brand

The newspaper started its journey with a humble beginning and gradually made its place in the hearts of Bangladeshi people. In all countries across the world, people look for ethical and true journalism and refrain themselves from biased and false reporting. The professional team behind Prothom Alo did the same by focusing on fundamental human rights, economy, and democratic politics.

The journalism of Prothom Alo Potrika has widely been praised by the Socio-Economic Class (SEC) of Bangladesh. The newspaper claims to be the choice of the most erudite readers from all over the country. Other than the territory of Bangladesh, the newspaper is also published in North America. It is daily printed in New York City and widely distributed in the United States and Canada. In Arab countries; Prothom Alo comes with a weekly edition in Doha that is also distributed in Qatar and Bahrain.

Online Exposure of Prothom Alo

Along with millions of readers of its printed form, the online exposure of Prothom Alo is also worth mentioning. is its official website that is said to be the biggest Bangladeshi website. With more than 60 million page views per month, the online portal of Prothom Alo is accessed from 200 different countries across the world.

eProthomalo is the official website to read the newspaper online. The site claims to be the No.1 newspaper website in Bangladesh. The website receives at least 26 million page views per month. According to official estimates, around 465 thousand people from more than 160 countries access the site in a month.

Other than its two main websites, Prothom Alo has a tremendous fan following on social media sites also. As of May 2019, its official facebook page has 14,233,669 likes on it. People follow the page to get first-hand national and international news.  On the other hand, its official Twitter page has 1.35 million followers. The newspaper also holds a great space on many other social media platforms. People do visit its website and social media pages to remain aware of what’s happening in Bangladesh and other countries in the world.


Sister Concerns of Prothom Alo

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Matiur Rahman – The Editor of Prothom Alo

Matiur Rahman is a famous journalist who is also the editor of Daily Prothom Alo. He is a senior journalist in Bangladesh who has also got Ramon Magsaysay Award back in 2005 in the fields of journalism, creative communication arts, and literature.

Matiur Rahman opened his eyes in the house of a then-famous lawyer, Mohammad Fazlur Rahman. Rahman got his master’s degree in 1967 in the subject of statistics. He also served as a leader of East Pakistan Student Union.

 Rahman entered into journalism in 1970. He first worked as the editor of Ekota that was a weekly socialist. After 28 years in the field, he founded a daily newspaper with a name ‘Prothom Alo’. Today, the newspaper is the leading news brand in Bangladesh.

What Makes Prothom Alo Better than Others?

·         A Professional Team

The best advantage of Prothom Alo has is a professional team that makes sure that the newspaper focuses on the main issues of the country. Rather adding false and attractive news to gain the attention of readers, its team tends to report serious issues with true and ethical journalism.

·         Investigative Skills

The journalists of Prothom Alo have got great investigative skills that help them come up with the right things at the right time. Their reporting on acid attacks and violence against women was widely praised across the country and the government was pushed to come up with more strict laws against the sale of acid.

·         Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the core features of Prothom Alo. People rely on the news printed or published on the platforms of the brand. On their printed newspaper and website, the team of Prothom Alo publishes accurate and important news. That is the reason that it is considered as the most influential newspaper in Bangladesh.


Prothom Alo is indeed the leading newspaper brand in Bangladesh and it plays a key role in generating public views in the country. The Transcom Group and Matiur Rahman have successfully maintained the distinguished brand identity of the newspaper. Their struggle against acid violence, HIV, and drugs is also worth mentioning. Both online and offline readers in millions of the newspaper have helped it stand out as the leading newspaper in Bangladesh.

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