Preparing Your Car before Shipping

An auto transport company is who you should get in touch with if you need to move your car to your new place and to drive it yourself is not an option. This simple solution allows you to save time, money, and mileage.

After sealing the deal with the service provider of your choice, there is one crucial step that you have to take before the car shipping takes place: washing and cleaning your vehicle.

Initially, it may sound like this is unnecessary since it’s likely for your car to pick up dirt and dust during the transport process, and it’s more practical to clean and wash it once it reaches its destination. However, it’s for your utmost peace of mind.

Making Flaws Easy to Spot

You may fail to notice scratches and dings if your car has a lot of dust and dirt. Before the auto transport company of your preference picks up your vehicle, it’s of utmost importance that you are aware of every flaw that it has on its body.

The goal is to know which physical imperfections are already around before the shipping takes place. This way, the service provider will not get the blame for them.

In some instances, your car may get scratches and dings during the shipping process. This is a possibility if you put your trust in an auto transport company that’s not reliable. Because of this, you should choose a company wisely.

After washing your car, it’s a good idea to take photos of the flaws that you will spot on its body. Please don’t skimp on taking snapshots as it’s for your own good. 

While the auto shipping company will inspect your vehicle before transporting it, you should also perform your own inspection. Doing so will help fend off unnecessary confusion and stress once your car arrives at its destination.

Securing Loose Items Inside the Vehicle

Washing your car before the auto transport company picks it up is not enough. Once you are through removing dust and dirt from its exteriors to reveal any damage, it’s time to clean the interiors to ensure that no problem will occur during shipping.

No matter how experienced and careful the service provider is, it’s still possible for your car to get some jostling while on the move.

Because of this, you should remove any clutter inside your car. Ensure that you take out items with sharp corners and pointed edges to keep them from scratching any surface inside the vehicle. Spare change and car freshener cans should go as well.

Remove water bottles, tumblers, cups, canned beverages, and others that contain liquids. As they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s not a good idea to place valuable things inside your vehicles, such as cellular phones, laptops, and jewelry. Avoid stashing in the car items that you would like to ship, too, because the auto transport company won’t allow it.

Choose a Company Wisely

Because it’s a valuable item that’s involved, you should take car shipping seriously. Make sure that you opt for an auto transport company that’s perfect for the job.

While it’s nice to save money, especially if you’re on a tight budget, avoid picking a service provider based on the cost alone. See to it that the company has plenty of industry experience as well as satisfied customers.

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