Preparing for the RBI Assistant Prelims: Essential Study Materials and Exam Pattern


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) conducts recruitment exams to select candidates for the position of Assistant, a crucial role in the banking sector. The preliminary stage of the rbi assistant exam serves as a stepping stone toward this coveted position. To excel in the prelims, candidates need a well-planned study strategy, comprehensive study materials, and a thorough understanding of the exam pattern. In this blog, you can learn through the essential study materials and exam patterns required for adequate preparation for the RBI Assistant Prelims.

Understanding the Exam Pattern

To begin your preparation, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with the exam pattern of the preliminary exam. The exam consists of three sections: English Language, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning Ability. Each team carries a specific weightage and has a designated time limit. Understanding the distribution of marks and the time allotted for each section will help you create a study plan and allocate time accordingly.

English Language Preparation

The English Language section evaluates candidates’ proficiency in reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and verbal ability. To enhance your English Language skills, focus on reading newspapers, magazines, and quality online content regularly. Additionally, practice solving previous years’ question papers and take online mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy.

Numerical Ability Preparation

The Numerical Ability section assesses candidates’ mathematical aptitude and problem-solving skills. Strengthen your foundation in number systems, simplification, data interpretation, and arithmetic—practice solving various numerical problems using shortcuts, formulas, and efficient calculation techniques. Referring to standard quantitative aptitude books and online resources will provide you with the practice material.

Reasoning Ability Preparation

The Reasoning Ability section evaluates candidates’ logical and analytical thinking. Enhance your reasoning skills by practicing topics like coding-decoding, puzzles, seating arrangement, syllogism, and blood relations. Understand the underlying patterns and logical frameworks in each question type. Regular practice and solving previous years’ question papers will improve your problem-solving abilities.

Recommended Study Materials

To supplement your preparation, it is essential to have access to reliable study materials. Look for renowned publishers’ books that cover the entire syllabus of the Prelims. Reputed online learning platforms and educational websites also offer comprehensive study materials, video lectures, and practice tests. Utilize these resources to strengthen your understanding of concepts and gain exposure to various questions.

Previous Years’ Question Papers

Solving previous years’ question papers is integral to your preparation strategy. It helps you understand the exam pattern, identify important topics, and gauge the level of difficulty. Analyze the solutions to identify your weaknesses and work on improving them. Additionally, solve mock tests and participate in online quizzes to simulate the exam environment and enhance your time management skills.

Time Management and Revision

Effective time management is crucial during the Prelims. Develop a study schedule that allocates dedicated time to each section. Divide your study hours wisely, ensuring equal attention to all subjects. Regularly revise the topics you have covered to reinforce your understanding and memorize critical formulas, concepts, and vocabulary.

Mock Tests and Self-Evaluation

Regular mock tests are vital for evaluating your progress and identifying areas that require improvement. Take advantage of online platforms that provide mock tests designed explicitly for the rbi assistant exam. Analyze your performance, identify weak spots, and strategize accordingly. Focus on building speed and accuracy to maximize your score within the given time frame.


You can effectively prepare for the rbi assistant exam with a well-planned study strategy, comprehensive study materials, and a clear understanding of the pattern. Remember to allocate time for each section, practice regularly, and analyze your performance to identify areas for improvement. Adopting a disciplined approach and utilizing the recommended study materials will increase your chances of success in the preliminary exam and move you closer to securing the position of Assistant at the Reserve Bank of India.




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