Patio Doors Installation in Ontario and GTA: What You Need to Know?


Installing new patio doors can radically transform your home: make it more stylish, secure, and comfortable, as well as increase the cost of real estate.

Installation of the door itself is quite a simple process. In order for everything to be done correctly, it is important to consider many factors, from the size of the door to the features of its installation.

To achieve the best results, this work should be entrusted to a specialist who knows how to ensure optimal efficiency, extend the service life and achieve excellent functionality of your door systems.

Let’s consider the step-by-step process of buying and installing patio doors so that you know what to expect when the time comes to do such repairs.

What Is the Standard Size of a Patio Door?

To choose the optimal patio doors size, homeowners need to take the following measurements:

  1. To measure the width, take a roulette and measure the doors from one rack to another. Ideally, you should measure the width at three points: the center, bottom, and top of the doorway. Such measurements are considered more accurate. 

The smallest of these three values will be used for the order.

2. You also need to measure the height. Take 3 measurements: at the top of the lower guide, in the center, and at the bottom. 

You’ll need the least of these three dimensions.

3. Next is the depth of the doorway. Measure the width of the door jamb without the casing and the distance from the edge to the edge of the currently installed door frame.

After you have taken all measurements, you can choose the appropriate size of door structures:

  • Single sliding doors can be 5, 6, and 8 feet wide, and 6 feet 8 inches or 8 feet high.
  • If you have a large doorway or you plan to expand it, then it makes sense to look at products with 2, 3, or even 4 panels. If the catalog of your chosen brand does not have a model of the appropriate size, you can order a custom design taking into account your parameters.

How to Prepare to Install a Patio Door?

Proper installation depends on several factors:

  • Quality of your patio doors;
  • Whether you or the contractor have correctly made all necessary measurements;
  • Qualification of your chosen door installer;
  • How well you have prepared for the installation.

Let’s discuss the last point in more detail and figure out what needs to be done before the installation of door systems:

  • Remove all unnecessary

Door replacement is a pretty messy process. In order not to worry about the safety of your property, we recommend removing paintings, mirrors, and other decorations from the walls near the entrance. You also need to move anything that might interfere with the work of the installers.

  • Find out if you need permission

In some cities, the replacement of the front door requires permission before construction begins. You can ask your contractor for information. It is important to do this in advance, so as not to be in a situation where you simply cannot carry out all the necessary work.

  • Clear the way for your contractors

Do not forget that contractors will bring their tools, the door, and materials to the installation area. So this area should also be clear.

Move all cars or equipment that can prevent access to your home from the driveway.

  • Make sure your children and animals are out of danger

Both children and pets may be interested in the work process. But it can be dangerous for them and the contractors’ team.

We recommend keeping the animals in a separate room. Children should be instructed to stay away from the installation site. 

During the installation, your home will be without an entrance door for several hours. Make sure that during this time your children or pets are not left unattended.

Patio Doors Installation Process in Ontario and GTA

It usually takes about 3 hours to install a sliding door.

The installation process can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Door opening preparation

The craftsman removes the old door, door frame, and finish, and then inspects the doorway for damage. If necessary, he makes all the necessary repairs. In the end, the specialist will use the level to make sure that the doorway is even.

  1. New frame installation

Your contractor should put the frame inside the opening and make sure it fits. Otherwise, the installer needs to make the necessary adjustments. Also, he installs a roller on which the door sections will slide.

  1. Door installation

The craftsman puts the door in its place. 

First, he glues waterproofing tape to the bottom of the doorway to make it waterproof. Then it’s time for the installation itself: the contractor team should lift the door and install the bottom part at an angle, then align the top.

At this stage, the installer should make sure that the door is placed evenly. To do this, it is needed to check the threshold by level, and the door jambs – by their plumbs. 

Also, make sure that the door sections open and close properly. Open and close the door several times. If it does not move properly, the contractor should adjust the rollers. After that, he may have to move the latch and the locks.

Last of all fittings are installed: mini blinds handles, etc. All ready!

As we have told before, the success of patio doors installation depends largely on how well they are made. You can find the best models for your home on the Vinyl Light Windows and Doors website. They have one-, two-, three- and four-panel door systems made of the best materials, meeting all modern quality standards.

Vinyl Light specialists not only offer first-class products: they know all the nuances of their installation and are ready to perform it at your site. You can be sure: here you will find the combination of price and quality to which you have always aspired!




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