Pain Management Techniques for Natural Birth

While it is very exciting to wait for your baby, there will also be an anticipation of the pain that is waiting for you when you give birth. Labor is the most painful part from pregnancy to giving birth. Although there are other physical pains that will be encountered during pre-natal to giving birth, labor is the most unforgettable pain. The crucial part of pregnancy is when you experience pain, you cannot just take any pain reliever, or have a body massage because everything your baby is always at risk. Halo Health link offers an effective pain treatment product. Check the link to know more about it. But make sure to keep this in mind, ask your doctor’s approval before using any pain treatment method. Pregnancy is very sensitive because two lives are at risk, the mother’s life, and the baby’s life. That is why it is necessary to ask the professionals before taking any action.

Back pain during pregnancy is normal and is very common especially on the last semester between the 7th to 9th month. The most common reason why back pain occurs during the last semester of pregnancy is because of weight gain. The body is adjusting the additional weight by the mother and the baby. As the baby forms, it adds weight to the body of the mother. Posture is also affected by weight gain. As the tummy gets heavier, the back suffers. The back is adjusting with the weight it carries. 

Pain Management Techniques to Achieve Normal Delivery:

  1. Breathing Techniques

It is important to stay calm during delivery. Just relax and take deep breathes during contractions. If you are starting to feel the pain during labor, try your best to relax and inhale, exhale. Think of positive thoughts. While doing breathing techniques, you can also read a book or watch TV so you will not put all your attention into the pain you are feeling. 

  1. Proper Massage or Reflexology

You can ask your OB-Gyne if it is okay to have a massage. Most of the time it is okay but of course, to be sure and be safe, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor beforehand. There is actually a proper massage during the last semester of pregnancy. It helps your body and your hormones to adjust to the changes that are coming and also your muscles stretch. 

  1. Stay physically active

Being physically active during pregnancy does not require luxurious daily exercise. Walking just within your neighborhood is fine. Being physically active during pregnancy is very accessible. If you have stairs at home, you can do ups and downs walking. But be careful about this. Make sure you have someone with you at home. Or you can walk in your garden or somewhere peaceful. That will also help you relax and breathe air. 

  1. Warm water

Warm water gives a soothing feeling to women who are experiencing labor during conceiving because it helps the muscles to relax. Some hospitals have water techniques when giving birth while some do not have yet.

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