Our Fashion Trend Keeps up with our Personality

What is Personality? What is the Fashion Trend?

Personality is each individual’s way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. The fashion trend is what is considered fashionably famous and beautiful at a specified period. They are two different words and two different meanings, but they are intertwined in such a way that the other would not prosper without the help of the other. In this article, we can have a basic idea of the relationship between our personality and our fashion trend.

Our personality says all about what kind of person we are. Our character also has a say on what fashion trend will allow us to follow. There are those people who are flexible and right away accept what the environment and society dictate what kind of fashion is currently on-trend. There are also those people who deviate from what the surroundings are telling them to do. What is essential, though, is we stick to the fashion where we feel comfortable wearing. That is the new trend nowadays in a style that suits your personality. Be in a fashion manner in which you think you can feel comfortable and appreciated.

Fashion trends vary for each type of person. Take, for example, those women with strong personalities. When you think of them, what quickly comes to mind is a woman in a business suit, with hair tightly bunned and wearing eyeglasses. However, that is stereotyping. You can be a strong woman and yet wear a pastel-colored cotton dress. You can be a delicate woman yet wear a business suit and look fierce. You can be an elegant and sophisticated woman yet wear a plain white shirt and jeans. You can be a prim and proper miss yet wear a black leather jacket. You can be a wild damsel yet wear a pink cardigan. So you see, as the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Our personality unconsciously gears us to our fashion sense. When we talk of fashion here, it is from the shoes we are wearing up to the accessories we want to pair it with. The primary trend is when you wear a pastel-colored cotton dress, it is always assumed that you pair it with either sandals or heels, but today, some are pairing it with sneakers or boots. Through this act, you will know that our personality decides what we think is fashionable to wear. With this thought in mind, it is a good thing that custom clothes are available nowadays. Customized clothing is flexible. With its flexibility, following our personality’s fashion sense is indeed becoming a piece of cake.

Indeed, following our fashion sense is so much more comfortable in this modern era than it was decades ago. A long time ago, every move was numbered and calculated. Mostly personality is being suppressed, and people from before tend to follow what the society was dictating—no freedom to express one’s self through the clothes they wore. People of today are free to choose the styles they think suit their personality. People of today can wear super extreme clothes and opposing styles. Style methods of mix and match are the name of the game, which paved the way for the popularity of custom clothes. From shirt, jeans, shorts, dress, socks, shoes, and accessories, they can all be customized. Oh, not just that, but even the undergarments can be customized as well.


Fashion trends and personalities have two different meanings, but the one lives to conform to what the other one wants. The fashion trend is more keeping up with the personality of each individual. It is more of the freedom to express oneself. It is more of what is comfortable for the individual. The fashion trend of today is no longer a suppression as compared to decades ago. The new generation should be thankful as they are currently in an era where they can express more of themselves and can do whatever they like and still is going to be accepted by society.

But hoping here that it would not be abused and still, if much possible, to at least a small percentage follow the norms and culture of society. As an individual, we can not function alone as we are still a part of the community and society.

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