Organize Your Clothes -New Ways to Get Organized


Nobody likes to have a cluttered closet as it becomes hard to find stuff when you need them, and no matter how many times you organize them, it again gets messed up, and that is because you are not doing it in the right way. However, maintaining and organizing a closet will always be going to be a continuing process. Still, you can surely arrange it so that you don’t have to spend more hours finding and rearranging it.

So, we are going to give some tips and tell you about some accessories to make your closet space neat, tidy, and well organized. Organizing your closet will depend on what size it is and what’s your clothing style?

However, these steps will work for any closet, so let’s get started.

a) Get Storage Boxes

Gather or buy some baskets, container store, hangers, tie and belt organizer, metal shelves divider, and some storage boxes. Empty your closet, take everything out, and then clean all space.

b) Declutter the Same Sets

This is the easiest way of organizing your clothes, start by separating your clothes into groups like pants, dresses, tops, shirts, coats, ties, belts, jeans, socks, t-shirts, and undergarments. 

Then sort through every item into its group, which will also give you an idea of which clothes you wear frequently and which you don’t want to keep. And you can also toss a few of the clothes and donate them.

c) Make Your Closet Space Workable 

Use all the advantageous features of your closet. Moreover, fix the other spaces by adding some accessories and making your closet space.

d) Storing the Clothes by Frequency of Use and Groups

So, it would be best if you store your most frequently worn clothes to the prime location of your closet and not so used or seasonal clothing on the high shelves in storage boxes or baskets which will keep it safe and at an easy access point when required.  Also, keep the clothes of the same group together.

Store all your jeans and sweaters piled up on the shelf. Keep your ties and belts on revolving tie rack organizer which will keep these delicate safe and look impressive on it, or you can also use a simple closet tie and belt organizer to store them securely. 

e) Use Hangers for your Coats and Fancy clothes 

You always have space for hanging your clothes then you start by hanging out tuxedos, coats, blazers, kurtas, shirts, and dresses on hangers. It would be best if you use hangers that are sturdy and have a swivel hook so that you can reach out at it on time.

You can also use a tie and belt organizer to save some space. If you want to be more precise, invest in velvet hangers with clips, wooden hangers, or single rods which also come in many colors so you can also match your clothes.

f) Use Storage Boxes and Drawers 

You can roll your t-shirt, shorts, leggings, and pajamas and keep it in drawers or storage boxes, as tucking and rolling your clothes will save your space rather than stacking or piling them.

g) Different place accessory 

You can use a tie and belt rack to keep them, or you can also use hangers to put some of your clothing items like stoles and scarves on it. Your shoes and accessories should be stored separately from your clothing.

You can store accessories in drawers using dividers and shoes can take place on the back of your door with a shoe pocket organizer. 

To maintain a well-organized closet, go through it once a month and do the cleaning and rearranging so that it doesn’t get messed up.

And you will also like your closet transformation if you use a closet organizer, it will keep it neat and clean and easily visible. You can get all types of cloth organizers online whether it’s hangers, racks, storage boxes, cupboards, and revolving tie rack organizers.




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