Online Manga Vs Physical Manga Print: Which One is Better?


Manga is an important part of Japanese art and culture. They have been around for more than 200 years. Manga are not just read in japan, but all over the world. People from all countries and regions seem to love these Japanese comics.

You can read manga in one of the two ways. Either you can buy a physical copy from a manga store or you can go on an online website like Mangastream, Manga Here, etc, and read it there. This is mainly a matter of your preference.

This article is going to give you a little insight into online manga and physical manga prints which will help you to choose between the two by comparing these two forms.

Online Manga Websites:

 There are a number of online manga reading websites available both free and online. Websites such as Manga Panda, Mangastream provide amazing manga reading services for free. There are a number of advantages to reading manga online. Some of which are

Great Manga Quality and Variety

Online manga have a relatively high print quality as compared to physical copies. Online manga does not get damaged easily so they can last for a really long time. They are clearer and easier on the eyes. They also cover a greater number of genres.

Free Services

The best thing about reading online manga is that they are totally free. This means you can have a great manga quality and variety both without having to pay anything. So even if you are broke, you can visit these sites for free and have a great deal of fun.

Saves time

With online manga reading websites there is no need for you to leave the house and go to a local manga store which saves a lot of your time and energy. You don’t have to be aware of the times when the local stores open or close because you can get manga you want from your online manga reading website.

Ease of Access

In online manga reading websites the content is arranged in an organised manner which allows you to find what you are looking for easily and quickly. The sites like Mangastream, mangafox etc, come with great UI and search features which make it very easy for you to access the site’s content and view whatever you want.

Physical Manga Print:

There is no doubt that physical manga prints can never be replaced. Holding your favourite manga physically in your hands gives you a great feel and sense of excitement. The true manga geeks always prefer physical manga copies over online formats.

Great Manga Quality

The physical manga prints that are not cheap will give you the same quality as you get on an online manga reading website. These manga also have good quality pages and covers. You can place these manga in your room to make it look way cooler and amazing.

Paid Manga

The physical manga are always paid. But this is not an issue for you if you can afford these and you are a true manga fan. These manga will always be with you even when your electricity is out or even when your internet is not working. So, in a way, your money always pays off.

Personal touch

Going to a local manga store allows you to interact with the shop owner in a better way which is not possible in online manga reading websites. You can get better recommendations and advice from a local manga store owner because this is what they do and this is what they are good at.

Can be Time Consuming

For buying physical manga prints you will have to visit a manga store which, if you are a busy person, can be hard for you. Also, in such stores, you can not easily access or sort through the material they have which can take up a lot of your time.

Final Thoughts

Both physical manga and online manga have their pros and cons. It is totally up to you to decide which one you want to go with. If you can’t afford to buy a physical print then we suggest instead of struggling to get one you should go for online copies because they are as much fun and great.

 For further information on online manga reading websites visit Past news which is a blogging website that contains valuable information on various interesting stuff including manga reading platforms.




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