Online Delivery is the ‘new normal’ in the UAE for Regular Shoppers

Online Delivery

Online delivery is the act of ordering something through the websites, applications, or web portals which is then delivered to the location that you have set for the delivery of the product or even services. Online shopping stores have now started to flourish at a higher rate than it ever had before due to the online shopping industry growth. There was a time when online shopping stores were confined to the websites only, but now they are everywhere and have a lot of different forms.

Online Shopping in the UAE

It is now possible to get anything from products to services through online delivery in the UAE. People in the UAE have adopted wholeheartedly the concept of online shopping and it has become so popular that even the local retailers are compelled to provide online shopping and delivery services to their customers to keep their sales stable. Even some of the best online shopping destinations in UAE provide state of the art services to their customers and are enjoying good ratings and high customer retention and purchase rate. The famous online shopping destinations or websites have a steady flow of regular online shoppers. People in the UAE have developed a habit of regular online shopping to enjoy the convenience of getting things delivered to their doorstep. It has been observed that the retailers that provide the facility of online delivery in UAE have higher sales than the stores that are operating on completely offline mode.

Online Delivery in the UAE

Regular online shopping has been promoted by the companies that provide the service of online shopping and delivery from the stores that do not provide the facility privately. This can be understood by the example of Careem who has millions of customers worldwide. One service that Careem provides is that you can select the items of bathing accessories to shop online through their application; they just go to the stores and fetch those products for you and deliver them to your doorstep. They provide this facility and charge a little higher than the total cost of the products as service charges. Such online shopping and delivery services have made people used to regular online shopping. Regular online shoppers take advantage of online shopping destinations or applications to get their groceries done.

Reason for Popularity

There are many different things about the online shopping store that have appealed to the people in UAE and they have become regular online shoppers.  Some of the contributing factors that have influenced the buying behavior all across UAE are mentioned below:

  • The life of people in the UAE is usually busy therefore they prefer to save time out of the everyday purchasing of necessities like groceries.
  • Shopping in the UAE is generally expensive so people prefer to take advantage of the deals and discounts on online stores.
  • People prefer to save the fuel cost or effort of walking to the store by ordering the products online and getting them delivered to their doorstep.

Process of Ordering Online Through Service Providers

There are many companies nowadays who offer delivery services as a third party.  They are mostly operating through mobile applications so that it is convenient for the customers to place an order. The client places an order through the application which is received by the rider who then checks the requirements and visits the store to purchase the products that the client requested. After purchasing the product they go to the address provided by the customer where they provide the products to the customer and take the payment along with the service charges.

Process of Ordering Directly Through Stores

Some retail stores provide the facility of ordering products online and getting them delivered to their customers. Some of such retailers have their websites which can be used to place an order while others take orders through WhatsApp. Once you have placed an order they send their delivery man to the address that you provided. The delivery man gives you the parcel and takes the charges for the products and service charges. WhatsApp can be a convenient method to place an order for most people because they do not need to install a new application or look for a website. As the delivery is local the delivery charges can be minimal and mostly some retail stores provide the facility of free home delivery too. This method of delivery was first opted by the restaurants that provided free home delivery on orders above a certain amount to increase their sales. From them emerged the idea of home delivery of other products too however, food is still the top and highest ordered category of things.

Process of Ordering Through Online Stores

Some stores completely operate online where you can order anything you want from these stores nowadays. To order from online stores you need to first visit their website or mobile application to view the products that they offer. It is best to look for official stores of the brand and if they are not there then the second thing that you must look for other reviews of the product from previous buyers to have an idea of the quality and quantity. Next, you need to place an order and select a convenient payment method. Once the product is ordered the charges are deducted from your payment method and the products are packed and shipped by the sellers on the online store. Some good online stores provide you with the facility of cash on the delivery payment method which is generally considered as the most convenient method by the customers who purchase things online.  They also allow you to track your order so that you can have an idea that when you will receive it. People buy things from internationally operating online stores that are not available in the local markers of their county or city. Some of the famous sites from which you can make a purchase online are Amazon, eBay and Desertcart.

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