collaborated with Microsoft for Getting Ads!!!


Netflix is a streaming giant that aims to entertain people with lots of online content. This is great news that has publicized a partnership with software company Microsoft for bringing ads to the platform. Although Netflix has given only a few details of their collaboration still they have announced the introduction of new ad-free subscription plans for all of their three plans- Basic Standard, and Premium that will show ads to the subscribers. People have searched for Does Microsoft own Netflix? This is not the case, both companies have just collaborated on a new Netflix plan. Here are some of the details about Netflix’s plan to put ads on the online streaming platform. 

It is thrilling news for Netflix lovers that Netflix is going to launch a new subscription plan and Microsoft is their first ad-supported partner. This means that those marketers who are looking at Microsoft for their ad promotion now will have the access to the audience of Netflix and first-class associated TV records.

Microsoft is to support Netflix with ads!!

Netflix has said in a blog post that now Microsoft an “international publicity expertise and sales associate” has given an offer for flexibility and innovative ways with the best technology and sales ideas. According to the blog Netflix Microsoft has the proven ability to hold up all the requirements of advertisements on the platform. and Microsoft will now teamwork for build a new ad-supported offering. Netflix has also added that the plan will be practical in the very early days. 

This partnership was made when this year the online platform reported a fall in several subscribers in the last quarter of 2022. For coming out of this dilemma Netflix is trying its best to make more and more efforts to get hold of new subscribers. For this purpose, it will come with more economical subscription plans with ads to draw new customers.  Currently, a plan of INR 149 monthly is the low-rate plan that allows the customers to use the platform at a pixel rate of only 480p and on any one of the devices. 

Netflix is bringing ad plans for more earnings!!

Netflix has a user base of around 222 million which is enough to sell ads. Moreover, the partnership of Netflix with Microsoft is to develop ad tools and sales for the company. Along with the commercial companies will also get an opportunity to give ads on the most popular streaming platform like,, etc. They have the strong expectation that the new plan will bring a new and huge list of customers in many countries, especially in India where people don’t inevitably pay for standard or premium subscriptions.

Furthermore, the next great idea of earning is that now Netflix is also off-putting subscription password sharing to customers. Users now can share their passwords with their associates and friends and for doing that the company will impose an ostensible charge. In three countries (Peru, Costa Rica, and Chile) Netflix launched a navigator in March 2022.

When users can expect the new subscription plan with ads?

According to Netflix’s post, the plan is at a very early stage, this is just the first official announcement by the company. They said that the plan will be in full swing in just a few months. Netflix also added they’re saying that they only aim to provide more alternatives to online users and a better-than-linear TV practice for advertisers.




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