Myrtle Beach Provides Many Flavors of Fun for Its Many Visitors


If you have never visited Myrtle Beach before, you may find that you love it. It’s fun, but it’s also not crazily expensive. You can find plenty to do, but you likely won’t spend what you would if you visited Disneyworld, Hawaii, Tahiti, or other popular vacation destinations.

You can find plenty of family-friendly activities in Myrtle Beach, but there’s also plenty that the swinging single might like. We’ll talk about some options you can find and enjoy there right now.


We’ll start with golf since you might bring your clubs in the backseat with you if you love hitting the links. Myrtle Beach has several excellent golf courses. You could play a different course every day for a week and still have more that you haven’t tried.

If you go in the spring or fall, that usually works best. You can absolutely golf in the summer, but the weather gets brutally hot in July and August. Golf likely won’t appeal in 90-plus-degree weather.

Of course, you can always get an early tee time. If you tee off at eight o’clock in the morning, the sun shouldn’t hinder you too much. By the time you’re on the back nine, you should still have some pleasant early-morning weather, especially if you have a cooling breeze blowing off the ocean.

You can also find some putting greens to work on your short game and driving ranges to work on your drives. You might get a bucket of balls and practice your best Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson impression.


You might like the fishing in the Myrtle Beach area as well. You should find many marinas, and you can charter a boat easily enough. You can act as captain if you know about boats, or you can hire one with someone who will operate it for you.

That second option often works best because they can take you out to where the big fish lurk. You can try to land one of the monsters that live in these waters.

You can fish for sharks, black drums, redfish, and king mackerel. You might also encounter flounder or speckled sea trout if you’re lucky.

The Food

You can also enjoy the food, whether you’re with the family or by yourself. Myrtle Beach has several cuisines that should attract your attention.

You’re in the South, so you get some great barbecue, but you’re also right by the ocean, so you have fresh fish in the kitchens nearly every day. You can get a lovely surf and turf special at many of the hotels, and you might also tackle some crab or lobster.

You can also dig into Southern specialties like fried okra, collard greens, hushpuppies, pulled pork shoulder, and so forth. You might end up putting on a couple of pounds before you go, but you can diet once you’re back home.

The Beach

You should also spend some time on the beach since it is right there waiting for you. Nearly every hotel has a private beach. You can walk right outside your room, through the lobby, and find yourself on an expanse of sand that stretches for miles in either direction.

You can walk along the beach at low tide and collect shells. You sometimes come across jellyfish thrown out of the water, so watch your step. You can find sand dollars and horseshoe crabs as well.

You can swim if you like, but don’t go out past the breakers. The undertow can grab ahold of you and drag you out, and if you’re on a beach with no lifeguards, that means trouble.

You can also just lie out in the sun on a towel before it gets too hot. You may also set up a beach umbrella and take a nap after a big breakfast or lunch. You might bring a novel and catch up on your reading.

Make sure you bring your swimming suit with you, and you might consider bringing some sunglasses as well. The sun can hurt your eyes on cloudless days, and you should also slather on some sunblock every couple of hours to protect your skin.

Myrtle Beach has something for the kids and the grownups. Families will enjoy it, and so will college students seeking a Spring Break destination.

You can get a relatively inexpensive hotel room and stay for a week if you like. You should enjoy some of the famous Southern hospitality.




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