Must Have Dirt Bike Accessories


While some accessories are purely optional, riders used to traditional street riding will definitely want to pick up a few things before hitting a dirt track. Here are five must-haves before you start riding dirt bikes.

Dirt bike helmets

It’s taken as a fact that helmets help reduce traumatic head injuries, but not all helmets are the same when it comes to dirt biking. Unlike street riding helmets, a dirt bike helmet has a distinct angular shape and design. Every rider will want the best motocross helmet, right? this design makes them better suited for dirt tracks since they will help keep mud and dust out of your face, eventually making it the best one. The peak on a dirt bike helmet will also help prevent glare from the sun, which can be important when riding on an outdoor track during the day. A dirt bike helmet is also better ventilated than traditional street helmets, although you’ll notice that a dirt bike helmet doesn’t have a visor for eye protection. Most riders pair a dirt bike helmet with goggles, which brings us to the next must-have accessory if you want to protect your eyes while riding.

Dirt bike goggles

Because dirt bike helmets rarely have visors, getting a good pair of clear goggles for riding is imperative. Almost all dirt bike goggles have a large horizontal elastic strap to keep them securely fixed to your face while you’re on the track or off-road. While some goggles have polarized filters to help cut down on glare, thanks to the peak of your helmet, you may also be able to get by with a clear pair of goggles, too.

Dirt bike boots

Dirt bike boots are another must-have if you plan on taking dirt biking seriously. Dirt bike boots are much safer than any other footwear you could choose and will help to protect your ankles and your legs. Remember that dirt biking can often call for high speeds, and you want to make sure that you’re protecting your legs from getting pinned under a peg or your bike while you’re on the track. When it comes to protection, the only piece of equipment more important than dirt bike boots is a good helmet.

Dirt bike jerseys and pants

While they may seem dismissable, dirt bike jerseys and pants are actually an important accessory to consider purchasing before you get on the back of your bike. That’s because dirt bike jerseys and pants can offer essential protection while you’re riding. Remember that your bike will likely be kicking up a lot of dirt, rocks, and mud while you’re riding, so having long-sleeved clothing that helps shield your arms, torso, and legs from this debris can help keep you safe and comfortable while you’re riding.

Dirt bike gloves

For many of the reasons listed above, dirt bike gloves are an important part of protecting yourself while riding. However, the right pair of gloves serve a function beyond just safety. Dirt bike gloves help you grip and keep hold of your bike while on rough terrain, which in turn lends itself to more control while riding. Like golfing gloves, good dirt bike gloves will fit tightly but still allow for a reasonable range of motion. They may also help decrease the vibrations from your bike’s handlebars, which can help you keep riding longer.

As an article on Wired pointed out in 2015, motocross and dirt biking can be a potentially dangerous pastime. Unlike riding on the road, the terrain of dirt biking necessitates a specific set of accessories to be safe and successful. Once you’ve got a reliable dirt bike helmet, goggles, boots, and clothing, you’ll be ready to hit the track.




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