Make Your Skin Bloom with Blooming Tea

Tea is a widely consumed beverage by a large percentage of the world’s teeming population. Consumption of tea is a practice that has been in existence since ancient times. Tea consumption is refreshing, no matter the season or time of year and it can be served hot or iced. Even on a hot summer day, drinking hot tea still makes the body feel cool. In addition, tea is well known for its several health benefits.

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How tea is produced

Black (fermented) tea is produced by first exposing the loose leaf tea to air, during which they become oxidized, turning the leaf color into deep brown. Then, they are dried and crushed. On the other hand, green tea is non-fermented. The young loose leaf tea is steamed or pan fired after withering. They are pan fired to prevent natural enzyme activities from fermenting the tea leaves. Oolong (semi-fermented) tea is produced by a partial oxidation process which lies between those used for producing black and green tea. The teas are packed and sold to wholesalers and retailers who sell tea bags online or through their retails outlets.

Blooming tea

There are various types of tea depending on the harvested leaf and the method of production. Blooming tea is also known as flowering tea because it is a combination of edible flowers and black or green tea leaves. The leaves are plucked before the buds open. The tea leaves are bundled around edible flowers such as lavender, jasmine or lily and then formed into a bulb, cone or other shapes after which they are set to dry and oxidized. When steeped, the bundle expands like a blooming flower when the floral petals inside emerge as the center piece.

Skincare benefits of blooming tea

One of the most notable benefits of the tea is its ability to make the skin bloom. The polyphenol content of this tea prevents the enzymatic breakdown of elastin and collagen which are responsible for causing skin wrinkles, especially in women. Regular consumers can expect to enjoy radiant skin at all times. Blooming tea is rich in polyphenols which protects the skin against damage to the DNA of skin cells caused by ultra-violet rays. The active constituents of the tea, derived from its green tea component are catechins, the most potent being epigallocatechin-3-gallate which is largely credited for its anti-carcinogenic effects. Scientific studies show that regular consumption of tea confers significantly lower risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. There was also an indication that it has protective effect on the risk of cutaneous malignant melanoma.

Other health benefits

Blooming tea is very popular for its numerous health benefits, which is why customers can readily buy loose tea at an online tea and coffee shop. The green or black tea component of the tea is known to confer protection against the development and progression of cardiovascular diseases. This effect is largely attributable to the presence of flavonoids in the tea. The catechins increase fat excretion, thereby lowering the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides absorbed, reducing the deposition of dangerous atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels. Consumption of more than three cups per day lowers the risk of stroke by about 20% when compared with individuals who consume less than one cup a day.

Tea consumption confers protection against the development of a variety of other cancers as well. These include prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and esophageal cancer. For example, in a case control study, tea consumption was associated with a lower risk of developing lung cancer in male cigarette smokers.

Obtaining blooming tea

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