Make Your Landscaping Ideas Come to Life by Fixing Your Lawn

When you have great landscaping ideas, it’s easy to get carried away with sketches, lists of plants, and gardening magazines. It’s an exciting time when you have garden ideas that you want to bring to life, but there is no need to change everything. Some budding gardeners take one look at their thinning or patchy lawn and right it off immediately. This may be a mistake; some lawns can be revived with a little care and attention.

Can My Lawn be Fixed?

Yes, in many cases the symptoms are pretty easy to fix, and we will discuss some possible solutions later. However, to avoid a recurrence later, it’s a good idea to identify what caused your lawn to become thin and patchy in the first place. Otherwise, all of your efforts will be wasted if this happens again later. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems and their associated remedies.

Bare Patches Around Paving, Decks, and Clothes Lines

As you may have already guessed, the bare patches in the lawn are being caused by heavy foot traffic in those areas. This can be repaired by sowing the area with lawn seed or using a high-quality patching product. For a longer-lasting repair remove the foot traffic damage by adding a pathway or some stepping stones to stay off the grass.

Thin or Bare Patches at Fence Line and Garden Bed Perimeters

When the grass starts to get thin around the perimeter of your garden, it’s usually caused by overshadowing. As plants become more established the resulting growth can cut down on the amount of sunlight that the perimeter receives. There are three main ways to approach this problem.

Thin out the surrounding plants or prune large shrubs or trees to increase the sunlight to the lawn by reducing the amount of shade.

If the shade is too deep and pruning is not a viable choice you could treat this as a landscaping opportunity by changing this area into a shady spot for different plants that dislike direct sunlight.

The affected lawn area could be replaced with a variety of grass that is more tolerant of shady conditions.

Random Bare Lawn Patches or Scorching

This particular problem is usually caused by a dog urinating on the lawn. There may be patches of bright green growth around the lawn areas that appear to be scorched. This is because urine from female dogs that have not been desexed is actually an extremely concentrated liquid fertilizer. That’s why the lawn growth is more voracious around the edges of the damage where the concentration of urine would be far lower. This can be repaired by watering the area as soon as the urine has been deposited there or you may want to simply keep your dog off the lawn entirely.

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