Make Sure You Clean Your Windows before Winter


Cleaning windowpanes in the weeks leading up to winter are one of the most crucial aspects. It typically indicates a huge amount of time spent indoors. But some exterior chores should be done such as cleaning windows. In extreme winters, window cleaning comes up with its own set of challenges. When snow sits on a cold and damp home, it also affects its internal temperature.

Winter is the least favorable time for window cleaning. But you can get it done even in such a worse scenario. It is a wise move to do window washing during the warm months of the year. Window Cleaning Laval has been offering cleaning services for more than 5 years. We provide our services on a commercial and residential level. Our topmost priority is quality-service and satisfied customers.

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Why is Winter Window Cleaning important?

Every year, dirt and grime are deposited on windowpanes. Any debris that accumulates on the glass pane can lead to etching and damage it. As a result, you might have to bear expensive repairs. Removing these sediments can help you in many ways. Washing windows can brighten the home interior during the short days of winter. Thus, natural sunlight adds cheer to your place. An extreme change in temperature can shatter the window glass pane that is even worse than having a dirty window. Some of the other reasons include:

  • Dirty windows don’t leave a good impression of the building.
  • Dirty windows reduce heat efficiency.
  • Poor air quality due to less efficient ventilation systems.

Tips for Cleaning Windows before Winter

Just remember, your windows require regular cleaning to provide them a picture-perfect look from inside and outside of your home. It is essential to assemble your supplies before stepping outside. To brush away the dirt, you need the following supplies:

  • Waterproof gloves to protect your hands
  • Regular dishwashing soap and water
  • Squeegee, extension pole, bucket, and several towels
  • Sturdy ladder and helper to hold and move the ladder

With everything prepared in your list, it is a fact that the newspaper works wonders when it comes to cleaning windows. But to prevent scratches and light marks, white paper towels are the best pick. Microfiber cloths work well for drying purposes. The best way to wash the windows is in circular movements from the corners. To keep your windows perfectly clean, wash them at regular intervals.

It is appropriate to clean the windows when the temperature of the surroundings is above the freezing point. If the temperature has dipped slightly below, mix the soap and water solution with the alcohol. It prevents soap water from freezing. You just need to adjust the ratio at 3:1 depending upon the temperature. Prefer pouring lukewarm water to melt ice on the window. Try the below-mentioned tips while washing the windows.

  • Before moving ahead, clear off dirt and debris from sills and tracks.
  • Follow an efficient approach to reduce the chance of frosting.
  • Cleanse expansive windowpanes in sections to make the cleaning less tiring.
  • Put the squeegee in the soap solution, apply it on the windowpane, and wipe the squeegee with a towel each stroke.
  • To avoid freezing, frequently change the towels as it limits the streaking.

It is better to accomplish the cleaning job before the winters. Make sure you wear boots with a strong grip that lessens the chances of getting slipped. Cleaning windows in extreme winters is a noble endeavor indeed. By taking such a bold step, you can encourage your neighbors to admire your ambition.

Window Cleaning Laval can provide you with valuable services at an affordable cost. You can get your windows in tip-top shape with our help. We have an experienced team of professionals to carry out your window work at a specified time. We believe in providing exceptional quality results.

Give us a call for proper guidance and consultation. One of our experts will handle your queries at your convenience. Our cleaning technicians are provided with proper training to guarantee extraordinary services that one can ask for. Contact us to schedule an appointment.




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