Majed Veysel: A Rising Architect

Majed Veysel is one of the famous architects who is going to surprise people with his art in the future. By looking at his projects, you can say that he is meant to be an artist. His way of thinking and implementing the instant thought that comes to his mind is just amazing.

This talented and hardworking young man can give goosebumps to anyone by his photographs. Looking at his picture, one wishes to take those kinds of photographs for himself. You can also learn to take those shocking pictures by viewing his work. His talent has always given the motivation to other architects to work hard.

Primary Studies

Primary studies make the base of every student. In his early education, Majed had the first exposure to art in Aleppo which is situated in his town, in 2012. Majed had gone there to the study insitute in America in Aleppo, and afterwards that he travelled to Bahcesehir College in Istanbul, and there he did his graduation in architecture. During his journey to learn more about art, Majed caught each instant, making an exceptional method of his own voyage.

Scouting And Photography

Some people go it scouting and wonder all the day in their tent to what to do. It is actually easy to pass your time when you are not about to go to any specific places. You can learn from Majed’s photography and get some amazing pictures. You can get some amazing clicks if you know about the place.

You can contact the friends who have just visited the place and find out about some amazing scenes to get pictures. They will tell you about the best timing to take perfect photographs. You can Google for some images online of that spot, to get an idea to what to do.

Majed Veysel’s Honorable Work

Majed Veysel have many times been honored by his piece of work. His stunning projects have always shocked the fellow architects. His Master Of Architecture For Sustainable Design will be finished by the end of 2020 – “Politecnico Di Torino.”

Majed smartly used social media as a powerful platform to show the best pieces of architecture around the world, while at the same time, he can amaze people by his photographic skills.

Since his abilities in photography are about to make him a historical artist, his sayings couldn’t go unnoticed. That’s why, in a short period of time, this young artist has become popular in a wide range of fans all over the world.

Before he takes a picture, he detects sensibly all aspects of the entity visible for him and his main focus is to show the subject to people without saying anything. This method Majed snaps some of the world-famous photographs.

Include People To Make The Art Historic:

Making the art historic and unforgettable by adding is something that expert can only do. Fortunately, Majed Veysel is one of them. Don’t forget that architect cannot exist without people, so include them in some photographs. In the early, it was a trend for a long time when people were not added in architectural photography.

But if you do want to add, it will actually help you to enhance the beauty of the place and marks its realism. Professional artists like Majed Veysel are aware of that, and you can observe that from his photographs. So, get to know more about architectural photography by checking his social media accounts.

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