Mahatma Ela APP


A lot of educational-based applications are there. But, very few are as reliable as Mahatma Ela APP, especially for teachers. The software is mainly focused on managing different types of tasks and school loads for teachers and students, like Google Classroom.

The main objective of developing the Mahatma Ela APP is to create an online learning platform and assess students’ performance. This practical software succeeded in creating an engaging learning experience. If you have immense curiosity about this application, keep scrolling.

Mahatma Ela APP: Everything You Need to Know

Mahatma Ela APP

What Is Mahatma Ela APP?

Mahatma Montessori Schools are the official partner of this application. This practical application allows teachers to set plans for their individual classes and design worksheets to save valuable time. Even several hours of work take a few clicks for this software.

The primary purpose of this application is to create a world-class education platform like international schools and colleges. Students and teachers realized the value of this user-friendly application during the Covid-19 period. They continued their education while staying at home.

Why Use Mahatma Ela APP?

Once you enter into the Mahatma Ela online education platform, it is a life-long journey. Teachers can motivate students to explore various types of things and boost their self-confidence. Students can engage themselves in the virtual classes and join the class from different locations.

Individuals will not be restricted to learning only through books. They have hundreds of sources to learn from this application. Plus, students can get a better overview regarding the practical implementation of their learning. This matches with the international-level learning approach.

Features of Mahatma Ela App

Mahatma Ela App's Features

Mahatma Ela App has many incredible features to provide immense benefits for teachers and students. Here are their top features:

Online Classes

Teachers can take online classes using Mahatma Ela App. It has a video mode to virtually and directly communicate with students. A huge number of students can join at a time.

Online Tests

Mahatma Ela APP allows teachers to take online quizzes and tests. They can also asses their test performance and submit the market online.

Digital Audio Files

This educational-based software has many digital audio files, known as podcasts. Professionals and experts share regular podcasts to help students to learn various topics.

Class Recording

The Mahatma Ela application allows teachers to record their lectures. Students who are absent during the class can be benefitted from it. Plus, they can revise the topic by re-watching.


The school authority will publish different types of articles from time to time. These research-based posts will help students to learn some topics in-depth.

Bulky Task Management

Teachers don’t have to rely on paper-based work anymore. They can manage various academic tasks using different worksheets for different jobs

Class Schedules

Both teachers and students can track their classes and plan accordingly using this app. It ensures no class miss. Students will get a reminder before the class.

Students’ Grades

All the scores will be visible on the individual dashboard when the teachers release them. Students can learn about their overall performance and their grades.

Online Report Card

Students will receive a personalized report card for checking grades individually for each subject. They can also download and save the grade report.

How to Download Mahatma Ela APP?

Do you think Mahatma Ela APP will be widely used if it has a complicated user interface? Absolutely not! Its simple functionalities allow teachers and students to use it effortlessly.

Downloading the Mahatma Ela application is easy too. You don’t need to pay any money to download it. It takes it to get into your android or Apple device. Just stick to the below steps:

Step: 1) First, turn on your Wi-Fi or mobile data. Then, visit Google Play Store from your android or App Store from your apple device.

Step: 2) Now, tap on the search bar and type “Mahatma Ela” on it. Look at the searched suggestions. The right will be on the top list.

Step: 3) Next, click on it and choose the “Install” option for your android device and the “Get” icon for the Apple gadget. Wait for a few seconds till it completes the download.

Step: 4) Once it is fully downloaded, launch the application. You can now explore the different features of this software.

How to Use Mahatma Ela APP?

The good thing is that you don’t need to be an expert to use Mahatma Ela APP. The designer of this app considered the potential users of this application and made it practically simple.

Each function of the software is organized sophistically to allow users to do the guesswork about the next option. Follow this step-by-step approach to use the application effortlessly.

Step: 1) First, launch the application. A new window will come.

Step: 2) Hover over to the login panel. You need to input your personal information to the server.

Step: 3) Make sure you collect your login ID and password from your Mahatma Gandhi school. Both teachers and students have their identity numbers and login information.

Step: 4) Type your ID and password correctly. Once you log in, select your school name.

Step: 5) Now, everything will be visible on the dashboard panel. You can explore different features and participate in online classes. Watching the recorded classes is also possible.

Step: 6) Choose a particular subject you want to learn and start watching their videos. Also, select the specific chapter you want to learn.

Wrapping Up

At some points in our life, we have no option in our life but to rely on the virtual world. And education is no exception. The earlier we accept it, the better it is. Mahatma Ela application can be a lifechanger turning point for students and teachers to take and attend online classes.

 Students don’t have to limit themselves to their small books. Plus, the entire server of the Mahatma Ela has so many classes, books, notes, and many other education-based items. They can learn their preferred subjects and topics at any time they time. That’s a true wonder of science!




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