Latest Technology News Do You Still Want a PC to Play

Following the latest technology news, the mobile games market has shown rapid development, and significantly ahead of the demand for desktop versions. A few years ago, gadgets news experts claimed that by the end of 2019, mobile games will make up 60% of the total market profitability, and they were not mistaken.

This 4Promedia article will talk about the latest technology news in mobile game dev science.

The Growing Popularity of Mobile Gaming Applications

Today, according to the latest tech news from 4Promedia, many popular Information Technology companies have focused on the development of mobile games, since the demand for them is at a high level and almost every second developer switched to creating gaming applications. The hobby turned out to be so widespread, that even social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, began to develop innovative mobile games, considering them a driving force in attracting users to their sites.

The functionality of modern mobile phones has become a kind of minicomputers, offering owners great opportunities for online games on a gadget, for which it’s enough to have:

  1. Screen with good resolution and high color rendering;
  2. High-speed internet;
  3. Built-in Google or any other browser;
  4. Touchscreen;
  5. Access to game app stores.

According to the latest tech news, the competition in the global gaming market for gameplay is extremely high, and companies are forced to look for innovative Hi tools and technologies to offer their customers the most convenient platform.

Short updates: Launch Apple Arcade Game Service

On September 19, 2019, Apple launched its new Apple Arcade gaming service by subscription, following the iOS 13 update for iPhone, giving users access to a one-month free trial.

Apple claims that new items will appear weekly.

Apple Arcade offers dozens of games for a monthly payment of $ 4.99, which were appreciated by Hindi fans of game content during the beta test, launched a week earlier. Although a little more than 50 games were available at the testing stage, many of them relate to the new generation of games and Apple claims that new items will appear weekly, and at least 100 games are in development.

The Main Trends in the Development of the Gaming Market

The main factor in the development of game content is maintaining the perfect balance between high-quality computer functionality and attractive design. No less important role is played by advanced features that allow us to improve the interaction of players on the platform and make the game more sophisticated and impressive.

These mobile game development trends will change the future face of the gaming industry. An advanced gaming platform should provide exciting and fantastically attractive gaming features. Of course, the list of influential trends will expand over time depending on market demand.

Mobile application developers must have professional skills and sufficient experience to create a modern application that meets the requirements of the market, otherwise, they risk getting a game that is not much needed.

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