Keep evil forces away—Important steps you can do

At one point or another, we all feel that we are under the effect of some negative energy. The common symptoms of black magic are known to all, and our sixth sense always alerts us to any negative energy around us. Negative energy or evil forces can affect us in different ways. 

Most of the time, people suspect these effects whenever they cannot find a reasonable explanation for continued negative outcomes, such as bad relationships, failed ventures, or bad dreams. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to get rid of this energy from your life and enjoy a more positive and happier life. 

1. Practice Feng shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of knowledge that helps people to channel energy in positive ways around their living space. If you experience any kind of negative energy in your living room or any part of the house, then according to Feng shui, the reason might be a poor layout of your room. 

The way in which you arrange the furniture in any space, as well as the use of elements like light, water, and air, affects the flow of energy, which can create either a positive or a negative environment in the room. Apply Feng shui principles to change the layout of the room to get rid of negative energy.

2. De-clutter your house

We all have things lying around the house that are broken, and we cannot do anything about them. We hang on to them in the hope that we will somehow get the time to fix them or use them for some other purpose. The truth is, that does not happen, and we keep adding clutter to our living space. 

Not only does this make it difficult for you to add really useful things in your house, but it also makes your space increasingly useless and unproductive. A simple thing that you can do to get rid of negative energy or break black magic is to de-clutter your house. Donate items you don’t need and create space for positive energy.

3. Use a dream catcher

A dream catcher is a great way to break black magic and keep any room of your house safe from negative energy. Ideally, most people prefer to hang a dream catcher in their bedroom or any room where they most often sleep. But you can virtually hang it up anywhere that you feel needs cleansing from negative energy. You can set it up near the window or above your sleeping area. 

Many people believe that a dream catcher protects you from nightmares that might be caused by black magic or bad energy in your environment. The dream catcher is supposed to be lined with feathers that create a web to trap bad dreams and prevent them from interfering with your peaceful sleep.

4. Place indoor plants

If you experience a heavy and unhealthy environment in your house, or if your children and elderly parents fall ill quite often, then you might have bad air in the house. One way of getting rid of this problem is the cleanse the indoor air by using some affordable house plants. You can place them in almost every part of the house. 

These plants provide oxygen to the air and help to purify it. At the same time, they take in the toxins that permeate your home and prevent them from entering your body. In this way, you can break the so-called symptoms of black magic and lead a healthier life.

5. Use aromatic oils

Aromatic oils are supposed to have special properties that help to calm our minds and take away the stress out of our lives. Centuries ago, oils were used to break black magic because their fragrance was believed to contain special compounds that drove evil spirits away. Many religions today use fragrances like sandalwood and rose in important rituals. 

You can use essential oils like lavender and jasmine, to create positive energy in your room. Lavender oil is used widely by people who have difficulty sleeping. More importantly, it helps to relax your mind and get rid of negative thoughts.  

6. Light a Himalayan salt lamp

Nowadays, many people light a Himalayan salt lamp in their homes to get rid of negative energy. These lamps are made from pink salt, which is a special kind of salt that is mined from the Himalayan Mountains. This salt is believed to have unique properties that promote a positive aura in any space. 

Lamps made with this salt help to release the compounds in the salt and cause them to diffuse in the room. You can notice the difference within minutes. These lamps are sold online on a variety of websites and are quite affordable as well. 

7. Burning herbs

Some herbs are known to have healing properties that can help you get rid of the indications of black magic. In many religious traditions, people burn herbs like basil, sage, and other herbs in a burner. You can use any simple burner for this purpose. Just place it in the center of any room and place the herbs inside the chamber. 

You can also wave it around any object or person that you think is under the influence of negative energy. The aromas released by these herbs help you to increase the positive energy in your home. You will notice an improvement in your mood, energy, and activity levels after trying this method. 


Black magic or negative energy is not anything to be scared of. Thankfully, there are many practices that you can use in your daily life to get rid of negative energy and embrace more positivity in your living space. It will help you to build better relationships within your family, be more productive in your work, and have a better family life. 

Use any of the techniques discussed in this article and see the benefits with your own eyes. Make sure that you use genuine items like lamps, herbs, and fragrances since the right potency is necessary for getting the best results. 

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