Is Your Business About To Participate In A Trade Show? Some Things To Consider


Your business has grown in the last few years and it’s time to expand into a national or even a global marketplace! But, how do you let the world know what you have to offer? One time-honored method is the trade show. This is where you can show off your wares and services and make valuable contacts with other entrepreneurs who can help spread the word about what makes your business special.

Your Online Presence

Sure, trade shows happen in brick-and-mortar venues, but your company’s web presence is still a critical component of your success.  Move Ahead Media can help you manage all the aspects of this complex and necessary medium. The first thing any potential customer or investor is going to do is run a search on your business, so make sure your space on the web shows them everything they need to see to encourage excitement and trust in what you have to offer! Advertising, social media representation, web design, search optimization- yes, it’s complicated, so rely on the pros to ensure your venture has all the very best!

Your Display

Your booth is the very heart of your business’s presence at a trade show. First impressions matter a lot, so you have to ensure that your space attracts! You need to create a space that people are going to be naturally drawn to, and once they are there, will want to spend time in, making their visit an opportunity to learn about your company’s goods and products- the very best of which should be on prominent display. The colors, the lighting, and the physical layout all have to work together to create an experience that visually and physically embodies what makes your business great. There’s no room for mediocrity in this, everything has to shine, working cohesively to attract and keep your potential customer’s and investor’s eager attention. 

Your Staff

Trade shows are all about people, so it is essential that you have the right staff manning your booth. You may have an employee who is fantastic at what he does but is a bit too shy to be comfortable talking with strangers. You had best keep him back home where he does what he does best, and choose someone outgoing, with great people skills to represent you! Ideally, your booth staff knows your business as well as you do and can present it to visitors with aplomb, but if you don’t have someone already on staff, you might need to make a new hire. This will be someone with the natural social skills to handle the sometimes high-pressure environment of a trade show. if they’re new to your company then it will be incumbent on you to teach them what they know to answer questions knowledgeably and with confidence!

Business never stops happening here in Thailand, and the government is very supportive, offering plenty of resources to help make your trade show experience a big success!




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