Is it possible to avail a dual EU citizenship?

When talking about citizenship, it is often known fact that one can become a country’s citizen only if he or she is born over there, married with the country’s citizen or by the process of naturalization. Though, immigrant search for availing citizenship to other countries. So, all these immigrants can either avail an individual or dual citizenship. With the term “dual citizenship,” one can understand that an individual gets citizenship of both his or her born country and residential country. Dual citizenship is not easy to obtain just by filing an application or availing a certificate. In the citizenship process, each country follows a list of rules which are not same in every country.

When an individual gets dual citizenship, then it signifies that he or she is ready to agree to follow all the rules and regulations stated in the residence country. If a person born in Asia shifts to any other country (say, Great Britain) and applies for UK citizenship, then he or she should abide by the lawful conduct followed in Great Britain. When the person goes to Asia, he or she is bound to obey the rules and regulations operated in both Asia and the UK.

No doubt, citizenship is a complex thing to learn about. Though, it is crucial to interact with all the information in advance before applying for citizenship for European countries. It is of vital importance that the citizens who are willing to avail themselves the EU citizenship and immigrate over there must remain familiar with all the lawful conduct followed in the EU countries along with the home country laws if the citizen wishes to apply for dual citizenship.

Is dual citizenship allowed in all the EU countries?

No! Not every EU country allows people to obtain dual citizenship in European countries. In the count, only 28 countries provide this citizenship. Though, individuals should understand the countries which are providing dual citizenship and the countries which do not offer it. Though, in the EU countries, about 90% of citizens have availed multiple citizenships. If you want to go through the legal framework and concept followed by the EU for citizenship, then check on the “Treaty of Maastricht.”

Can you improve your application for citizenship?

Well, this is crucial to help you avail the of citizenship easily. Go through the given points and improve your application:

  1. Don’t move to any other country for a long time: When applying for citizenship, you must make sure that your residence remains continuously in the country wherein you want to get the citizenship. In every country, there is a specified time for which you need to reside in it. If you’ve left of the country for a long period, then your eligibility to avail of the citizenship can be canceled.
  2. Invest in some properties in your residence country: If you’ve invested in any house or property in the residential country, then you can apply for citizenship with a better chance. Moreover, there exist some countries including Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, and Latvia which allow you to avail yourself citizenship just by investing in the property for a certain amount.

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