How We Recruit our Staff


We have now been around since 1996: that is 27 years. This means we have gradually built up a fabulous reputation and, along with that, an enviable network of high quality professional domestic agency staff.

You may be wondering how we can ensure successful staffing placements and customer satisfaction. The key to our success lies in our rigorous and stringent staff recruitment process. Far from accepting everyone who applies, we are an exclusive and competitive staffing agency, and only end up signing around 30% of potential applicants: simply because the others do not fulfill our criteria of excellence.

All of our registered candidates must possess the following qualities:

  • A sparkling record of service, including references and good reviews
  • At least three years of experience in the private service sector for positions advertised in the UK
  • At least five years of experience in the private service sector for positions advertised overseas
  • A good understanding of what the job entails, and a willingness to perform
  • Excellent personal presentation
  • Proficient English speaking skills
  • A grade understanding of how the household should be run to its highest standard

All of our candidates must also present the following documents to be accepted by our domestic staffing agency.

  • A recent and up to date CV
  • A proof of Identification
  • Up to date driving license (which we screen for any penalty points)
  • Proof of address
  • Written references with contact details included
  • All training certifications
  • An appropriate and updated DBS certificate

Upon application, we perform an in-depth telephone interview, in which we get to know them. If that goes well, they are invited to a second, in-person interview, either at our Mayfair or Bath office. It is there they present their documents and fill out a detailed application form.

Upon satisfactory references, successful candidates are invited to join our agency, where we take care of them, support them and get them into rewarding and enjoyable positions soon. We also ensure that our candidates are a good match for our clients before placing them.

If you book a candidate via our staffing agency, you are entering our VIP family and will receive top-shelf customer care. Get in touch today for a free callback to discuss your staffing requirements. We are looking forward to assisting you.




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