How to use light to change the ambiance of your house

Lighting makes a huge difference to the feel of a home. Generally, a dark room is a room that sees less activity as people are not naturally drawn to spending time in a room with little light as it feels uninviting and even depressing. When you buy a home to live in, you will most often be attracted to something that feels warm and makes your heart feel happy. Space has this effect. But you can choose to buy a house that isn’t this way, yet. You might be interested in the location and the overall look of the house but would need to do some renovations to get it looking more the way you would want it to be. Creating a light and airy house will transform the space completely and it will look and feel like a completely different home altogether. Here are some ideas you can use to change the light and ambiance of your house.

What goes on the windows?

Consider replacing your curtains, especially if they’re dated in their pattern or if they’re thick and heavy and block light out. Look for blinds central coast to find different blind options. You can get some that are re-enforced steel which also serves as a security barricade, but which don’t detract from the look. You can also get different types of wooden ones or thin aluminum blinds. What is nice about blinds is you can have them ‘open’, letting the light in, but still be a privacy barrier as it is difficult to see inside the house even when your blinds are tilted open.

Maximizing ambient light

The best kind of light to use is natural ambient light. If you don’t have enough of this, then look with an open mind about how you could knock down walls to make rooms bigger and more spacious, or you could install bigger windows, sliding doors, or stacking doors. Installing a skylight is a perfect way of bringing a fresh light into a stale room

Smoke and mirrors

A good way to make a space look lighter and bigger is to put in a large mirror on one of the walls or a few of the walls. This immediately gives the room a bigger feeling and it will reflect light, making it seem like it is lighter than what the room really has going for it.

Installing new lights

Sometimes knocking out walls or installing large windows isn’t an option. Kitchen rooms are fun places to put in interesting downlights that brighten up the place. A simple design is a floating light shelf suspended above the work surface that has lights installed into it which shine downwards or even upwards. This can be a creative piece that will contribute towards an interesting and even artistic look

Painting light

Think carefully about the paint you currently have on your walls. Lightening up your place may be as simple as a new coat of paint in a lighter color.

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