How to Track a Business Fleet using GPS?

Keeping a check on the business fleets and their tracks play a vital role in business security. Many corporate of different types and sizes have been using GPS tracking to track their vehicles. A GPS tracking or Vehicle tracking is the technology that is used to track the vehicles by any businesses to check the daily activities and operations of the fleet. To understand the technology in detail, read the article.

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS tracking technology is a combination of tracking the location or position of the vehicle and a software application that provides the data of the car. This data is later used by corporate to examine their fleet.

The data of location is sent by using the GPS radio navigation system. In some cases, many other technologies are used to send signals such as the Satellite navigation system, GLONASS, and many more.

Components of GPS Tracking

GPS tracking comprises software and hardware.

  • Tracking hardware is a small device installed in the vehicle. This tracking device generates the signals to give the location of the car. This device collects many factors about the vehicle in it, which includes turning on and off of the engine, fuel consumption, working of vehicle connected devices, the location of the car where it stops in the route, and many more things.
  • When the GPS tracker collects the data of the vehicle, it sends it to the connected application. This application is known as GPS software. You have to install this software on your computer, or you can access it through the cloud computing service. Some ventures of GPS provide the mobile app for their system. You can download the whole app into your mobile and can get access quickly. You can also download the activity reports in the form of PDF or excel.

There are several tracking devices and software available in the market. You can also order one online. One of the best websites which provides the best GPS trackers and software online is Go to to buy a durable GPS tracker and its software interface.

How to Track a Fleet using GPS?

The following are some necessary steps that will help you understand the use of GPS Technology.

  • Install a Tracker Device

The first thing you need to do is to install a suitable tracking device in your vehicle. It is connected to the ignition and power ground under the dashboard with wires. It should be kept in a dry and secure area where it is safe from direct sunlight. You can assign your business’s maintenance department to do this.

Some trackers do not need wiring. You have to plug them in the OBD 2 diagnostic port. For some trackers, you should install an antenna.

  • Install the GPS System

After installing the tracker in your vehicle, you need software to collect the data of the cars. You can easily install a GPS on your computer. If you have access to fast internet then you do not need to install the software. You can use cloud computing for GPS tracking online. Later you can download the reports and customize the software as you want.

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